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International Baccalaureate (IB) Program

If you are currently enrolled in the International Baccalaureate (IB) Program you may be eligible to receive college level credit. Please review the IB awards list to determine the examination score needed to obtain college-level credit and to learn about course equivalency.

To Receive Credit

Benedictine University must receive an official transcript from the International Baccalaureate (IB) Program

Please request a final and official transcript to be sent by the IB Office. 

After an evaluation of your coursework, you will be notified of the process to have credit posted on your transcript. A non-refundable posting fee of $20 per exam will be charged to your account. International Baccalaureate (IB) awarded credit is part of the External Credit Program. A maximum of 30 credit hours earned through any one or combination of external credit programs may be applied with the approval of the University toward the 120 credit hours required for the bachelor’s degree. (For additional information please contact an advisor or see External Credit policy in University Catalog.)

International Baccalaureate (IB) Credit Awards: 2017-18

IB Higher Level Exam Approved Award for Score of 5 or higher Credit Hours
Language A: English - Language & Literature
General Elective 3 Semester Hours
Language A: English - Literature LITR 150 (QLR) 3 Semester Hours
Language B (other than English) Score of 4* = Language Course 101 3 Semester Hours
5 = Language Course 101 + 102 6 Semester Hours
6 = Language Course 101 + 102 + 201 9 Semester Hours
*Department has approved award for score of 4
Language B (if course is English) General Elective 3 Semester Hours
Classical languages, Greek or Latin General Elective 3 Semester Hours
Business Management General Elective 3 Semester Hours
Economics ECON 101 (QPE) 3 Semester Hours
Geography  GEOG 106 3 Semester Hours
History QHT  3 Semester Hours
(International Technology in a Global World)
QCM 3 Semester Hours
Philosophy QPL3 Semester Hours
Psychology  PSYC 100 (QIO) 3 Semester Hours
Social & Cultural Anthropology  QIO 3 Semester Hours
Biology BIOL 197 (QLS)3 Semester Hours
Chemistry TBD - department review required TBD
Computer Science CMSC 180 (QCM) 3 Semester Hours
Design Technology Not accepted No Awarded Credit
Physics  TBD - department review required TBD
Math MATH 108 (QCM) 3 Semester Hours
Dance QCA 3 Semester Hours
Film QCA 3 Semester Hours
Music QCA 3 Semester Hours
Theatre QCA 3 Semester Hours
Visual Arts QCA3 Semester Hours
Additional Standard Level Exams 
Any Language, AB Initio Standard Level Exams are not eligible for credit.
Environmental Systems & Societies
Literature & Performance
Mathematic Studies
Sports, Exercise & Health Science
World Religions

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