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Benedictine University Mentorship Program

Welcome Weekend Students

The Benedictine University Mentorship Program strives to support students throughout their time on campus and beyond. The program is designed as a one-on-one interaction between a mentor and his or her mentee(s) that ultimately progresses to regular interaction based on each individual situation, needs of the student(s) and availability of the mentor. The Benedictine University Mentorship Program is a collaborative program developed by the Office of Alumni Relations and the Academic & Career Enrichment Center (ACE).

What is mentoring? 

Mentoring has been defined in many different ways, but it is essentially a system of semi-structured guidance where one person shares their knowledge and offers advice to assist others to grow in their own lives, both personally and professionally.  Mentoring involves passing on one’s knowledge, insight and experience in a particular area or situation. It’s about motivating and empowering another person to identify their goals and helping them to find ways of reaching them.

What’s in it for you? Benefits of Becoming a Mentor

Mentoring is voluntary but extremely rewarding and can benefit your own skills and development. Mentoring gives you the opportunity to guide Benedictine students and help them navigate the sometimes rough waters of transitioning from student to young professional. The knowledge and skills you can offer, your desire to help them succeed and the support you can give them will make a tremendous difference in their personal and professional growth. Being a mentor takes time and dedication, but it can help you practice active listening and motivation techniques and allows you to give back to the Benedictine community in a meaningful, rewarding way.

The Basics

  • The program runs throughout the academic school year, fall through spring.
  • To prepare for the program, mentors will be required to attend a brief webinar which will provide an overview of the program and expectations.
  • A kick-off event will be held on the Benedictine University campus in Lisle, where mentors and mentees will meet in-person for the first time and learn more about each other. This event is held as an informal meeting where students can ask questions, mentors can hear more about the student’s interests and they can start building a relationship with one another. It is usually takes place the last Thursday in September.
  • Mentors and mentees are expected to keep in contact with each other on a monthly basis. This can be done through e-mail, phone calls or other virtual communication, but past mentors have told us that face-to-face meetings are key to building a strong relationship.
  • The Office of Alumni Relations and the Career Center will host an optional event once a month to give mentor/mentee pairs an opportunity to get together as their schedules allow. This includes “Coffee Chat” nights at the campus Starbucks, free tickets to listen to high-profile speakers and VIP seating at a BenU basketball game in January. 
  • Monthly newsletters from the Alumni Office will serve as a communication reminder and provide talking points, ideas for learning opportunities and a list of campus events that both mentees and mentors can participate in together.
  • An end of the year reception will be held in April as a concluding recognition event and celebration for all participants.

Can’t Commit to Becoming a Mentor? 

Consider looking into our other career-related volunteer opportunities, including:
  • Informational Interviews 
  • Résumé Critiques 
  • Networking Events 
  • Job Shadowing 
  • Internships & Externships 
  • & more! 
To learn more about these activities and what’s involved, visit the Academic and Career Enrichment Center webpage for detailed descriptions and examples. 

Contact Trente Arens in the Office of Alumni Relations or complete the Mentor Interest Form by clicking the button below:

We are done recruiting mentors for the 2016-17 school year! If you're interested in participating next year, please feel free to complete the form and we'll contact you in summer 2017.