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Business and Finance Services
Business and Finance Services

Business and Finance Services supports the overall mission of the University. We:

  • Safeguard the financial resources of the University
  • Share our knowledge, talent, and skills with the community
  • Serve our information consumers with meaningful and timely information products and services

Vendor Payment Guide

Payment Overview: 
The following steps are designed to facilitate the timely and efficient payment of your invoices by the Benedictine University Accounts Payable Department.

  1. Obtain a Vendor number
  2. Have originated department prepare a Purchase Order (PO)
  3. Submit an original invoice directly to Accounts Payable
Vendor Number
Vendor numbers are available through the Accounts Payable Department. To obtain a new vendor number you must complete a W-9 form. You may obtain a W-9 form by calling the Accounts Payable Department at (630) 829-6461.

Once the W-9 form has been completed and signed, send it to:
Benedictine University
Accounts Payable Department
5700 College Road
Lisle, IL 60532

A response will be sent to you within 12 to 14 working days.

When you receive the Vendor number, use it on all correspondence with Benedictine University. Payments will be made on one Vendor number. In cases where there might be multiple Vendor numbers in force, the Vendor will be notified of the exact number to be used.

Purchase Order Terms and Conditions: 
Prior to starting work, be certain to have a valid hard copy of the purchase order. A purchase order is valid only when all the following conditions are met:

  1. A purchase order number appears in the upper right hand corner of the form. 
  2. A vendor number is clearly identified. Shipping/freight charges are included as a line item on the purchase order. Shipping/freight charges not included on the purchase order will not be paid. 
Discrepancies on purchase orders should be resolved with the originating department. Describe the discrepancy, the reason for the discrepancy, and possible alternatives.

No alteration of the statement of work or substitutes of any kind may be made without prior written authorization of the originating department. When you cannot provide the services exactly as specified, please notify the originated department. Substitutions are not allowed. Benedictine University is not responsible for articles delivered and/or services performed without a valid purchase order.

Conflict Resolution: 
We try to be fair to our suppliers. When an Accounts Payable representative cannot resolve your problem, please contact the Accounts Payable supervisor. 

Under no circumstances is the amount of the purchase order to be exceeded. If the dollar amount shown on the purchase order is not sufficient to cover the merchandise or services and freight charges, the purchase order must be returned to the originating department for correction prior to shipping. Invoice amounts in excess of the approved PO will not be paid. 

Invoicing: Mail the original invoice to: 

Benedictine University 
Accounts Payable Department
5700 College Road 
Lisle, IL 60532  

A copy of the detailed invoice should be mailed to the ship-to address. All invoices must contain the purchase order number, invoice number, vendor number, unit of measure, price and date. 

Invoices lacking this information will be returned. If you do not have a purchase order number, please contact the buyer that requested your merchandise or services. To avoid payment delays, please send your invoices as they are incurred. Payment terms are net 30 days unless specific discounts apply pursuant to the vendor. 

Invoice Inquiry: 
Vendors may contact the Accounts Payable Department to inquire about invoices and payment status. Please direct your call to any Accounts Payable representative at (630) 829-6461.

Customer Service: 
Benedictine University Accounts Payable staff is available to answer your questions Monday-Friday, 8:30 a.m. - 4:30 p.m. except on University holidays. Please direct your call to any Accounts Payable representative at (630) 829-6461. Telephone inquiries are limited to three purchase orders. When you have more than three inquiries, please write to the address noted below. A response will be mailed within 14 business days from the date of receipt.