Koinonia Fall 2015

What is Koinonia?


Koinonia is the Greek word for "fellowship," which is an integral part of the faith life of the Church. This three-day, two-night retreat creates, develops and builds community by bringing individuals closer to Christ through experiences of Christian witness, faithful encounters, discussions and communal living centered on the Paschal Mystery of Christ. With Christ as our model, we die to our brokenness, rise with new life, and go into the world with the love of God.


What can I expect on this retreat?


Fellowship –Build the People of God in a community that grows together, prays together, and loves together.

Fun – The retreat is filled with surprises, laughter, and great times!

Food – We take good care of your stomachs!

Faith – Many opportunities for prayer, faith sharing, and genuine conversations about God.

Future – Strengthen your relationship with God and fill your future with new and supportive friends.


Who can attend?


All students from Benedictine University are invited to attend. Although the retreat is offered from a Catholic perspective, all students are welcome.  No experience is required. We encourage repeat participants too. If God is calling you to "re-retreat," answer His call!


When is the next retreat?


Our next retreat is BK 25, which will take place next fall. Stay tuned for more information.



For more information, contact Jessica Peek, Coordinator of Retreats and Faith Formation, at jpeek@ben.edu.

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