Oblate Candidacy

The Oblate Candidacy Outline is intended as a guide for men and women preparing for the Act of Final Oblation as Oblates of St. Benedict who are affiliated with Saint Procopius Abbey. In keeping with the “Guidelines for Oblates of St. Benedict,” these twelve topics cover what might be considered the basics that make up the Benedictine charism. Each religious order, society, or congregation was encouraged by Vatican council II to examine seriously and try to recapture the charism of the founder. In our case, this means what can capture from St. Benedict’s Rule as he left us no other document.

Before the regular meeting held monthly at St. Procopius Abbey those in formation gather (along with others who may be interested) to receive a short instruction. The more important element of the time spent together is attempting to develop a reality-based application of the individual value being studied and discussed.

Important to remember in this approach is that as the cycle repeats itself there will be times when someone who has attended a previous discussion of the topic admit that hearing the material a second time brought new insights. Invariably this is much like hearing the same Gospel every three years on Sundays. There is always a new insight, a new challenge to the Christian who desires to live the Gospel.

What is given in the Outline are brief thoughts only that are ‘filled in” by the Director of Oblates and others who may comment on the issue being considered. We hope that this outline will be of help to all our Oblates of St. Benedict at they seek to incorporate the focused virtues found in the St. Benedict’s Rule.



Fr. David Turner, OSB Director of Oblates
E-mail: dturner@procopius.org

5700 College Road Lisle IL, 60532