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The Rule of St. Benedict

An overview of Online Resources
by Abbot Primate Jerome Theisen, O.S.B. STD

The Rule of St. Benedict (link to an online version of The Rule)

RB 1980 : the Rule of St. Benedict in Latin and English with notes / editor, Timothy Fry

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The rule of Benedict: insights for the ages
by Joan D. Chittsiter

The Benedictine way is the spirituality of the twenty-first century because it deals with issues facing us now--stewardship, relationships, authority, community, balance, work, simplicity, and prayer.

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Wisdom distilled from the daily : living the Rule of St. Benedict today
by Joan D. Chittister

From Harper's Leader's Guide series, one of their most popular and thought-provoking books on spirituality and faith development. This guide offers clear, step-by-step instructions for adult-enrichment sessions, an overview of the book, helpful background on the topic, opening and closing worship activities, discussion questions and journaling exercises. The author, Sr. Joan Chittister, is a member and former prioress of the Benedictine Sisters of Erie and currently the executive director of the Alliance for International Monasticism.

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The rule of Saint Benedict, a doctrinal and spiritual commentary
by Adalbert de Vogue ; translated by John Baptist Hasbrouck.

After living the Rule and studying it for many years, the author introduces it to those who are encountering it for the first time. The relationship of Benedict's Rule to other early monastic legistation is treated thoroughly but the book is designed for those who are seeking a guide for christian living in this 'little rule for beginners'.

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A life-giving way : a commentary on the rule of St. Benedict
by Esther de Waal

Esther de Waal in simple and practical terms, writing on how the Rule of St. Benedict has shaped her life, takes the reader chapter by chapter through the Rule. She details how profoundly biblical it is and how this text, which has formed the way of life of Benedictines and other monastics since the sixth century, also serves as guide for lay people of all denominations.

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Living with contradiction : an introduction to Benedictine spirituality

by Esther de Waal

Holding up segments of the Rule of St. Benedict, Ester de Waal's meditations on Benedict's words illumine the wisdom found there not only for those of Benedict's time, but for all of us today as well.

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Seeking God : the way of the St. Benedict
by Esther de Waal

Through this definitive classic Esther de Waal has become known as an authority for the lay person on the Rule of St. Benedict. Her ability to communicate clearly the principal values of the Rule when applied to lay people is the ultimate strength of this book. She follows each chapter with a page or two of thoughts and prayers, contributing to its meditative quality.

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St. Benedict for the laity
by Eric Dean

A husband, Presbyterian minister, and ecumenical oblate of St. Benedict offers reflections on Benedict's Rule.

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Doing business with Benedict : the rule of St Benedict and business management : a conversation
by Kit Dollard, Anthony Marett-Crosby, Timothy Wright

In this original and inspirational book, the authors share the vision of the Rule on the subjects of leadership, relationships and the management of change and stability.

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A God within
by René Dubos.

Written by an eminent microbiologist, this work presents valuable perspectives on todays ecological crisis

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Benedictine Rule of Leadership : Classic Management Secrets You Can Use Today
by Craig S. Galbraith

Fifteen centuries ago, a monk named Benedict founded a monastic system that continues to thrive. In his work, The Rule, he presented many lessons in leadership, innovation, organization and ethics. It also offered the first complete management system of the Western world. In The Benedictine Rule of Leadership, business professors Craig and Oliver Galbraith offer Benedict's principles in a new way that can help today's managers and organizations succeed in the 21st century.

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"The Character of Benedictine Education"
by Jeremy S. Hall

In "The Continuing Quest for God: Monastic Spirituality in Tradition and Transition."
Papers presented at the Institute on the Origins and Contemporary Expressions of Monastic Spirituality sponsored by St. John’s Abbey and School of Theology, Collegeville, Minn., and the Convent of St. Benedict, St. Joseph, Minn., and held at St. John’s from June 22 to July 4, 1980.

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St. Benedict’s rule for business success
by Quentine R. Skrabec, Jr.

St. Benedict's Rule is one of a handful of documents, such as the Magna Carta and U.S. Constitution, that make up the foundation of Western civilization. Benedict's Rule is an organizational blueprint for success; Benedict's original organization is the oldest in the world, spanning more than 1,500 years. The beauty of The Rule is its organizational genius, which has wide application beyond monastic groups. The Rule is a basic textbook showing how to create and maintain effective organizations. It offers today's reader insights into some of the most difficult resource management issues in business.

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Spirituality for everyday living
Taking the Rule's balance of prayer, conversion of life, commitment, study, work relationships, and solitude, this practical spiritual guide explores the Rule's application for ordinary people living outside a monastery.

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St. Benedict’s toolbox : the nuts and bolts of everyday Benedictine living
by Jane Tomaine

Though it was written nearly 1500 years ago, the Rule of Benedict still offers the practical tools for living a Christ-centered today. Here in St. Benedict’s Toolbox, readers will find a primer on how to use these tools in their own tumultuous lives. Each chapter examines one aspect of the Rule, from ways of praying to ways of embracing humility, and offers suggestions for prayer, reflection, journaling, and action. As they learn to use Benedict’s tools, readers will discover the power--and the timeliness--of this ancient way of life.

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Saint Benedict on the freeway : a rule of life for the 21st century
by Corrine Ware

How can we heal the rift between our daily lives and the sacred? How can we live a life capable of hearing "the still small voice" of God while experiencing the speed and sensory overload of modern life? This book is Ware's answer to these questions. She acknowledges that others have addressed the questions; on the one hand there are books which have significant depth but speak in academic or "in-group" language and provide little help adapting these insights to everyday life. On the other hand, there are practical "how-to" exercises which assist in very particular spiritual experiences but which do not offer integrated, sustainable, life-changing patterns. St. Benedict on the Freeway fills this gap. It "translates into twenty-first century life spiritually formative practices worked out in the past, creatively adapting those disciplines to contemporary daily life."

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Reading Lists

Catholic Higher Education
Suggested readings, Internet resources and more.

Ex Corde Ecclesiae
On August 15, 1990, Pope John Paul II issued an apostolic constitution on Catholic higher education which described the identity and mission of Catholic colleges and universities.

Interreligious Dialogue
Engaging the Mission - Fidelity and Openness: Balancing Catholic Identity and Interreligious Dialogue

Advent: Materials for Study and Reflection

Lent: Materials for Study and Reflection

Year of Faith
Pope Benedict XVI has declared 2012-2013 the Year of Faith. Pope Benedict told the faithful, "It will be a moment of grace and commitment to a more complete conversion to God, to strengthen our faith in Him and proclaim Him with joy to the people of our time."

Year for Priests
Pope Benedict XVI declared 2009-2010 a Year for Priests. Link to books, e-books, and websites on the priesthood and view photos and stories honoring some of the monks of St. Procopius Abbey who dedicated many years of service to the Benedictine University Library.

Year of the Eucharist
The Diocese of Joliet will observe a special Year of the Eucharist beginning on Holy Thursday, April 1, 2010 with the Mass of the Lord’s Supper. This celebration will conclude on June 26, 2011 – the Solemnity of the Body and Blood of the Lord.


"Forming Consciences for Faithful Citizenship: A Call to Political Responsibility"
The Catholic Bishops of the United States

"Our Conscience and Our Vote"
Message from the Catholic Bishops of Illinois

Suggested web sites
Link to Vatican resources (papal speeches, documents and online video), United States Conference of Catholic Bishops (USCCB) materials, Catholic media and social media links, and much more.


Benedictine Heritage Series

The Dignity of Work with Fr. David Turner
Listening with Fr. James Flint
Ora et Labora Prayer and Work with Fr. James Flint


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