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The Violence Prevention programming (including PEACE initiatives and Prevention Peer Educators) aims to prevent and respond to sexual assault, dating/domestic violence, and stalking through prevention education, collaboration, outreach, and advocacy. The Violence Prevention office is committed to taking a survivor-centered approach, which means that if a student is victimized, they are given the options and make the decisions about what services they would like to access. If the survivor reaches out to a Prevention Peer Educator, they are able to make the choice on whether or not they would like to report the incident. Students will be informed that when survivors report to a Benedictine University faculty or staff member, these employees are required to report to the Title IX Coordinator and Campus Security Authorities are required to report to the police. Prevention Peer Educators are required to use confidential services, such as the Counseling Center or our victim services partners as a resource and are not expected to take on peer disclosures alone. Prevention Peer Educators will explain to students that if they choose to report to Title IX, this does not automatically require an investigation but will give them further access to support services and potential accommodations for housing or academic support. When survivors report to Campus Security Authorities they have the right to remain anonymous.

As leaders in their community, Prevention Peer Educators are critical to violence prevention and response work at Benedictine University. They provide education, advocacy, and support to students across campus and to the local community through awareness raising events, interactive workshops, and information sharing. This year the Prevention Peer Educators will begin office hours at the Neff Center to increase visibility.

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Peer Educators gain professional development by practicing skills of leadership, public speaking, and networking while also serving their community. Presentation topics include sexual assault, domestic violence, dating violence, and stalking as well as bystander intervention, consent, and resource referral. 

To apply for this volunteer opportunity please fill out the application below. Students may be selected each semester to begin the program the following semester. Applicants will receive an interview, and if selected, will complete training. 


Natalie Discher

Natalie DischerMy name is Natalie Hope Discher and I am a psychology major. I have great passion for equality, interfaith cooperation and prevention of violence. I believe that everyone deserves to be listened to, and we all have a right to be who we are. I became a peer educator because I knew that gaining experience in the field of prevention work will aid my journey to becoming a therapist. It is my job to guide people when they are faced with difficult situations regarding abuse and violence.






Rachel Gonzalez

Rachel GonzalezHi! My name is Rachel Gonzalez and I am a senior here at Benedictine pursuing a degree in Psychology and Sociology. I enjoy working with others and want to make Benedictine a safe space for all students. I joined the PEACE team as a Prevention Peer Educator in order to educate others about gender-based violence and provide resources to survivors who may not know where to begin. I am passionate about changing our community for the better.






Anthony Miller

Anthony MillerHello everyone, my name is Anthony Miller. I am currently a senior here and Benedictine University. I have a very simple philosophy: treat others better than you would treat yourself. We here at Benedictine University provide such a safe and friendly environment for students, that I knew I had to join the PEACE team to help keep it that way. As a member of the engaging men sub-committee, I love to advocate for those who cannot or do not want to express themselves. I am always an open person and I am always looking for ways I can help you. If you ever see me in person feel free to say hi and let me know if there is any way I can help you.





Arely Ramos

Arley RamosMy name is Arely Ramos and I am on my path to graduating with a Bachelors in Criminal Justice and a minor in Psychology. I am excited to be a part of the PEACE team for a second year here at Benedictine. I dedicate time to the things I am most passionate about and social equality is one of those things. I firmly stand by our purpose to prevent gender-based violence, support our community with the resources available, and educate the community on what a healthy relationship looks like. We all must take a part of changing our world for the better and this is a step I am taking towards doing that.





Stephanney Tipsord

Stephanney TipsordHi my name is Stephanney Tipsord and I am a junior and a psychology major the reason I wanted to become a peer prevention educator was because not a lot of students are educated about these things, and media does not talk about these tops. Fun fact about me I love listening to music.







Megan Wilson

Megan WilsonMy name is Megan Wilson and I am currently a Physical Education major and a former student-athlete here at Benedictine University. I am excited to be a member of the PEACE team for the first time this year. I became a Prevention Peer Educator because I wanted to help people and educate them about relationship violence and sexual assault because these issues need more awareness on campus. By being a part of the PEACE team, I feel that I am helping to promote a positive environment for the campus community.







  • Prevention Peer Educators will serve for at least one full semester
  • Complete the full training, which includes becoming a Certified Peer Educator through the NASPA (Student Affairs Administrators in Higher Education) CPE curriculum
  • Provide training and programs across campus on topics of gender-based violence
  • Attend weekly group meetings
  • Additional responsibilites may be determined based on need and Prevention Peer Educator interest

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All questions may be directed to Bernadette Muloski, Violence Against Women Act Grant Coordinator, at or (630) 829-1326. 

For additional information about the application process, peer educator responsibilities and program guidelines, please review the Prevention Peer Educator Guidelines here


Prevention Peer Educator Application

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Bernadette Muloski, LSW
Violence Against Women Act Grant Coordinator
Neff Center, Room 110
(630) 829-1326

Peter A. Huff, Ph.D.
Chief Mission Officer
Professor of Theology
Neff Center
(630) 829-6664

Tammy Sarver, Ph.D.
Title IX Coordinator
Professor, Political Science
Scholl Hall, Room 228L
(630) 829-6473