Ph.D. in Organization Development
Ph.D. in Organization Development

Faculty and Distinguished Visiting Scholars

Benedictine’s Ph.D. in OD program brings the world’s top organizational change leaders to campus through its Distinguished Visiting Scholars program. Renowned authors, practitioners, faculty members and thought leaders in the field of OD all gather at Benedictine throughout the year to discuss their insight, new trends and the future of the industry. 

The internationally acclaimed programs are overseen by Peter Sorensen, Ph.D., an international leader in the field and an integral founder in the development of one of the country’s first master’s programs in OD. He, along with Therese Yaeger, Ph.D., another recognized name in the field who is acknowledged as a foremost leader in corporate organization dynamics, have put Benedictine on the map in the OD world.

Program Faculty


Distinguished Visiting Scholars

  • Billie Alban
    Alban & Williams Ltd.
  • Chris Argyris, Ph.D.
    Harvard University
  • Richard Axelrod
    Columbia University; The Axelrod Group
  • Emily Axelrod
    The Axelrod Group
  • Frank Barrett, Ph.D.
    Naval Postgraduate  School
  • Jean Bartunek, Ph.D.
    Boston College
  • Michael Beer, Ph.D.
    Harvard  Business School
  • Geoffrey Bellman
    The Community  Consulting Partnership
  • Robert R. Blake,  Ph.D.
    Grid  International Inc.
  • Peter Block
    Flawless Consulting
  • David Boje, Ph.D.
    New Mexico State University
  • Richard Boland, Ph.D.
    Case Western Reserve University
  • David Bradford, Ph.D.
    Stanford University, Graduate School of Business
  • Anthony Buono, Ph.D.
    Bentley University
  • W. Warner Burke,  Ph.D.
    Columbia  University
  • Steven H. Cady, Ph.D.
    Bowling Green State University
  • Peter Cappelli, Ph.D.
    University of Pennsylvania,  Wharton Center for Human Resources
  • John Carter, Ph.D.
    John Carter & Associates
  • Allan Church, Ph.D.
    Columbia University; PepsiCo Inc.
  • James Clawson, Ph.D.
    University of Virginia, Darden School of Business
  • David Cooperrider, Ph.D.
    Case Western Reserve University, Weatherhead School of Management
  • Thomas Cummings,  Ph.D.
    University of  Southern California, Marshall School of Business
  • Richard Daft, Ph.D.
    Vanderbilt University
  • Kathy Dannemiller
    Dannemiller Tyson Associates
  • Mark S. Frankel,  Ph.D.
    American Association for the Advancement of Science
  • Wendell French, Ph.D.
    University of Washington
  • Frank Friedlander, Ph.D.
    Fielding  Graduate University
  • Ronald Fry, Ph.D.
    Case Western Reserve University
  • William Gellerman,  Ph.D.
    Dialogue Associates
  • Kenneth Gergen, Ph.D.
    Swarthmore College
  • Mary Gergen, Ph.D.
    Penn State Delaware County

“The program helped me open my eyes to higher levels of collaboration and team building. I learned to be more patient for others’ individual perspectives and to try to see where they were coming from, why they were thinking the way they were thinking and to allow people to feel the way they were feeling. I learned that in a work environment where we’re all involved working on issues, problems and opportunities, everyone’s opinion matters.”

Jeffrey Swallow, Ph.D., Organization Development ’07
Owner, Magnetrol International Incorporated

  • Robert Golembiewski,  Ph.D.
    University of Georgia
  • Timothy Goodly, Ph.D.
    Turner Broadcasting System Inc.
  • Larry Greiner, Ph.D.
    University of Southern California
  • Mary Jo Hatch, Ph.D.
    University of Virginia, McIntire School of Commerce
  • Thomas Head, Ph.D.
    Roosevelt University
  • David Jamieson, Ph.D.
    University of St. Thomas
  • Robert Keidel, Ph.D.
    University of Pennsylvania, Wharton School
  • Gerry Ledford, Ph.D.
    Ledford Consulting Network
  • Fred Luthans, Ph.D.
    University of Nebraska
  • Michael Manning,  Ph.D.
    New Mexico State University
  • Dorothy Marcic, Ph.D.
    Vanderbilt University
  • Robert Marshak, Ph.D.
    American University/NTL Institute; Marshak Associates
  • Victoria Marsick, Ph.D.
    Teachers College, Columbia University
  • Matthew Minahan,  Ph.D.
    MM & Associates; Johns Hopkins, Carey Business School; University of Maryland, Robert H. Smith School of Business
  • Philip Mirvis, Ph.D.
    Philip H. Mirvis Associates
  • Susan A. Mohrman, Ph.D.
    University of Southern California
  • Kenneth Murrell, Ph.D.
    University of West Florida

“Some of the biggest benefits were learning from scholars in the field and practitioners who I would consider O.D. superstars. It was great to be able to meet these O.D. greats in person and approach them in such an intimate fashion. I was able to engage in conversations with scholars from Harvard and on an international level that I don’t feel any other program can say. Those conversations added a lot of depth to my curriculum vita.”

Meghan Wright, Ph.D., Organization Development ’13
Assistant Professor of Management at Texas Wesleyan University

  • Ellen O'Connor, Ph.D.
    Stanford University; Chronos Associates
  • Joanne Preston, Ph.D.
    Pepperdine University
  • Ronald Purser, Ph.D.
    San Francisco State University
  • Robert E. Quinn, Ph.D.
    University of Michigan
  • Ryan W. Quinn, Ph.D.
    University of Virginia, Darden School of Business
  • John Redding, Ph.D.
    Redding Associates
  • Grace Ann Rosile, Ph.D.
    New Mexico State University
  • Denise Rosseau, Ph.D.
    Carnegie Mellon University
  • Edgar Schein, Ph.D.
    Massachusetts Institute of Technology, Sloan School of Management
  • Katherine Schroeder, Ph.D.
    Astellas US LLC
  • Charles Seashore, Ph.D.
    Fielding Graduate University
  • Edith Seashore
    American University
  • Peter Senge, Ph.D.
    Massachusetts Institute of Technology, Sloan School of Management
  • A. B. Rami Shani, Ph.D.
    California  Polytechnic State University
  • Jacqueline Stavros, Ph.D.
    Lawrence  Technical University
  • Jeffrey Swallow, Ph.D.
    Magnetrol International Incorporated
  • William R. Torbert, Ph.D.
    Boston College
  • Peter Vaill, Ph.D.
    University of  St. Thomas, Opus College of Business
  • Andrew Van de Ven, Ph.D.
    University of Minnesota
  • Glenn Varney, Ph.D.
    Bowling Green State University
  • Kala Visvanathan, MD, MHS, FRACP
    Johns Hopkins University
  • Janine Waclawski, Ph.D.
    PepsiCo Inc.
  • Don Warrick, Ph.D.
    University of Colorado, Colorado Springs
  • Marvin Weisbord
    FutureSearch Associates
  • Karen Whelan-Berry, Ph.D.
    Texas Wesleyan University
  • Diana Whitney, Ph.D.
    Saybrook University and Corporation for Positive Change
  • Richard Woodman, Ph.D.
    Texas A&M University
  • Christopher Worley, Ph.D.
    University of Southern California, Marshall School of Business
  • Dale Zand, Ph.D.
    New York& University

International Distinguished Visiting Scholars

  • Marc Bonnet, Ph.D.
    Institut  d'Administration des Entreprises, University of Jean Moulin, Lyon, France
  • David Coghlan, Ph.D.
    Trinity  College Dublin, Trinity Business School
  • Bjorn Gustavsen,  Ph.D.
    Work Research  Institute, Norway
  • Geert Hofstede, Ph.D.
    Maastricht  University, Netherlands
  • Henrik Holt Larsen,  Ph.D.
    Copenhagen  Business School, Denmark
  • Flemming Poulfelt,  Ph.D.
    Copenhagen  Business School, Denmark
  • Thoralf Qvale, Ph.D.
    Work Research  Institute, Norway
  • Ralph Stablein, Ph.D.
    University of  Otago, New Zealand
  • Ralph Stacey, Ph.D.
    University of  Hertfordshire, United Kingdom
  • Frans M. van  Eijnatten, Ph.D.
    Eindhoven  University of Technology, Netherlands
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