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10 undergraduate students completed a custom-designed two-week Study Abroad in May, with Goodwin College of Business Associate Professor, Tim Goines, Ph.D., International Business and Economics Department Chair and College of Liberal Arts  Assistant Professor Steven Day, Ph.D, Foreign Languages.  Students completed intensive Spring semester classes, focused on contemporary Chinese culture and the Chinese business and economic environment.  They completed cultural mapping in Chicago’s Chinatown, in preparation for Study Abroad.  Students visited Beijing, Xi’an, Hangzhou and Shanghai, engaging with Chinese academics, business leaders, expatriates and non-governmental organizations (NGOs). Students were provided loaner iPads, with custom applications developed to support their academic learning,  on-site experience, and post-trip assignments.  As a result of this experience, students reported aggregate improvements in their continuous learning, interpersonal engagement and hardiness, as measured by the Kozai Intercultural Effectiveness Scale.  Students found iPads very helpful with their academic journaling, communication with family, and in-country support for language translation and location details.  100% recommended iPad loaners for other courses and Study Abroad. 

This experience was partially supported by the Goodwin College of Business Title VI Business and International Education grant P153A100017, to advance participation, academic teaching and our capacity for international business.

In May 2010, Benedictine University Goodwin College of Business was awarded its first Title VI – Business and International Education grant. The three primary goals of the grant are to:

  1. Improve and expand graduate and undergraduate business academic programs and participation to increase business skills for the global economy.
  2. Improve academic teaching and integrate academic programs through systems innovation.
  3. Strengthen linkages between the Lisle Area Chamber of Commerce and the regional business community with Benedictine through joint research and business outreach ventures.


We have made great strides towards:

  1. Improving COB curricula quality, access, academic support, and global business capacities;
  2. Facilitating and expanding working relationships among the global academic programs in the COB and US businesses; and
  3. Expanding the capacity of US businesses to build and maintain global business partnerships.

Specific Actions Taken

  1. Supported students participating in INTB C320: Doing Business in China with a travel stipend.
  2. Outfitted each student travelling to China with an iPad to maximize their travel experience.
  3. Used a pre/post assessment instrument to measure student intercultural effectiveness before and after the INTB C320 China trip.
  4. Developed the Global Ben web portal to improve service and communications to undergraduates and graduate students both at home and when they travel abroad.
  5. Created the Asian Teaching and Learning program to share experiences and expertise of international faculty.
  6. Partnered with the Lisle Area Chamber of Commerce to present “Going Global: Trends and Tactics for Small and Medium Businesses. The presentation was well attended and overwhelmingly successful.
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