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The College of Business Internship Program connects enrolled Benedictine University students, with employers through internships. The program assists undergraduate students, who are in good academic standing, in finding and obtaining internships to gain a competitive advantage in the market place after graduation.

Normally students who are full time undergraduates participate in internships during their senior year. Sophomore or juniors are eligible, yet the benefits of an internship and the contributions made are usually more meaningful for seniors.

Services offered:

  • Weekly postings with relevant business internship opportunities
  • Coaching and advising strategies, career resources, and other career advice
  • The Annual College of Business Career Fair
  • College of Business Advisory Board Networking Events and University Career Development Resources

Internship Benefits

Please complete the following steps:

  • Fill Out a Student Interest Form
    • Make sure to have resume checked and approved by Career Development before submitting interest form.

wordStudent Interest Form

  • Send Completed Resume & Interest Form to Rick Cali

  • The Internship Search:

    • Review the Internship Programs' Weekly Postings
      • D2L under COB Internship Program - COBIP
      • Global Ben
    • Review other resources such as ISCPA, the Virtual Career Center,, professors, advisers, personal contacts, etc. (For links and additional websites, refer to the Resources tab)
  • Receive Collegiate Credit for an Internship?
    • Contact your academic adviser: If you like to receive academic credit and to see if an internship for academic credit is feasible with your academic plan.  Then upon approval, please contact the Internship Program for:
      • More information regarding internships in the Weekly Postings
      • An individual meeting to discuss strategies about obtaining internships or getting an internship approved

Requirements throughout the Internship Process:


  • Exemplify the Benedictine University values of integrity, citizenship, excellence and continuous learning as interns are representative of all the students at the University.
  • Manage the process of securing his/her internship from beginning to end and meet deadlines.
  • See How to Apply Tab for more details.


  • Be open to learning and willing to take direction from your internship site supervisor.
  • Take initiative seeking out opportunities and additional responsibilities.  Be eager to impress.
  • Communicate openly with your internship site supervisor.  Occasionally, conflicts arise in the work place.  Begin by talking with your internship site supervisor.  In the event you cannot resolve the conflict please contact the internship coordinator.
  • Learn about the office culture and follow organizational policies such as requesting time off. Requesting time off should be done only in very special circumstances and with advance notice to the internship site supervisor.
  • Develop relationships with peers and professionals that you could draw upon when job searching in the future.
  • Fulfill your commitments.  Do what you say you will do including working the appropriate number of hours for the related number of credit hours.
  • You're responsible for the following included but not limited to:
    • Transportation to and from interviews and your work place.
    • Any required insurance, clothing, and additional materials needed for use during the internship.
    • Background checks and tests required to secure the internship.
  • Each academic credit hour requires 50 hours of work experience to be completed.
  • Students can receive 2-6 academic credits by completing a business internship approved by their academic adviser, internship adviser (Mr. Cali), and internship site supervisor.
  • BSCI 2297 has a minimum requirement of 1 hour.
  • Students can plan accordingly and work 150 hours to earn 3 academic credits or equivalent to 10 hours per week during the semester. 
  • Students may also complete two different internships and earn as many as 12 hours of academic credit.  The same internship may not be completed twice.
  • Students must have the internship approved by the internship coordinator, Mr. Cali, their academic advisor, and the on-site business practitioner who will be overseeing the internship, prior to registering for an internship.
  • A job description from the intern site and a decision as to how many credit hours the student is requesting is required in order to begin the registration process.
  • A Personal Identification Number (PIN) is required in order to register one of the following courses: ACCT 2297, FINA 2297, MGT 2297, MKTG 2297, or BSCI 2297. The PIN can only be obtained from Mr. Cali after an internship is approved.
  • An initial meeting to discuss expectations is required within the first week of registering for the internship.

Steps for Internship Approval – For Academic Credit (SEND TO: Mr. Cali (

  • Do you have an internship?
  • Which semester would you like to receive credit?
  • Job Description created by the employer
  • Supervisor Title and Contact Information
  • Which 2297 course would you like to receive credit for? (ACCT 2297, FINA 2297, MGT 2297, MKTG 2297, or BSCI 2297)
  • How many credit hours would you like to receive?
  • Approval of credit hours email from your academic adviser and employer
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