Arthur J. Schmitt Future Leaders Scholarship

The College of Business Center for Values-Driven Leadership (CVDL) custom-designed the Schmitt Future Leaders Development Program, to bring undergraduate students leading best practices in values-driven leadership. Each Schmitt Scholar completes more than 20 hours of interactive learning in workshops, plus continuous mentoring throughout the academic year.Individuals and teams select, design, implement and evaluate a major service learning project to achieve their leadership goals, beyond current individual skill and leadership experience. The program culminates with a formal presentation to the Arthur J. Schmitt Foundation board, BU deans, academic advisors, and parents.Each Scholar subsequently receives an evaluation on this presentation from College of Business faculty and program leaders. Scholars submit a reflective evaluation on their leadership development. 

Arthur J. Schmitt Future Leader Development Stages

Within the context of Benedictine University Mission and Common Learning Objectives, the central component of the Future Leaders Scholarship Program is development of the Future Leader Scholars' leadership capacities. We require more than 20 hours of formal leadership development from each Schmitt Scholar and additional ongoing mentoring throughout the academic year, described below in each of its five stages.

  1. The first stage is a one-hour student leadership orientation. This orientation was for general introductions and orients the students to the expectations of the Schmitt Scholar Future Leaders Program.
  2. The second stage is a one-day leadership development workshop, consisting of four modules:
  3. The third stage is a formal dinner in which the Schmitt Future Student Leaders meet with Schmitt Foundation Board members, to introduce their service-learning project proposals
  4. The fourth stage involves the scholarship recipients implementing their service projects in collaboration with one another or individually
  5. Scholar presentations fulfill the fifth stage, formal presentations


Arthur J. Schmitt's lifelong quest for ethical and actionable leadership for organizations and the young men he taught in an enriched and accelerated program designed to prepare them for industrial and civic responsibility is engendered within Benedictine University's Arthur J. Schmitt Future Leaders Scholarship Program.

The Arthur J. Schmitt Foundation, which he established to improve society through conscientious and enlightened leadership, has generously supported the Scholarship Program for over 5 years.  The College of Business and the Center For Values-Driven Leadership (CVDL), which offers research, education and outreach opportunities to help business leaders forge new paths to profitability have partnered to offer an experience through leadership development workshops and directed mentoring to Future Leader Scholars in developing future servant-leaders.  

In 2007, The Arthur J. Schmitt Foundation wanted to forge new in-roads with Benedictine University by creating an environment that Arthur J. Schmitt passed on his knowledge, skills, and compassion to students, by building a program that coincides with the vision of the Foundation.  The College of Business and the newly formed Center for Values-Driven Leadership initiated the program.  The new program was styled after the workshops done through Arthur J. Schmitt with an emphasis around Robert Greenleaf's definition of "Servant-Leadership" as well as Jim Collin's "Level 5 Leadership" in which learning exercises were combined with individual learning styles and leadership simulations.  

Program Administrators

The Arthur J. Schmitt Foundation Future Leaders Scholarship program is jointly administered by the Benedictine University Chief Grant Officer, Meagan Daniel with the College of Business.  Dean Sandra Gill, Ph.D., College of Business; Professor James Ludema, Ph.D., Program Director, Center for Values-Driven Leadership, and Eric Goodwin, M.S., Project Manager review applications, conduct the leadership program and implement continuous improvement. The Benedictine University Coordinator for Stewardship provides administrative support for the promotion, application and award processes consistent with University policies and procedures.

Arthur J. Schmitt Future Leaders Scholars


Jazmin Aaron
Sydney Van Alystne
Alexandra Cascone
Timothy Feeley
Justin Galvanouvtis
Shantell Hernandez
Mackenzie Muersch
AJ Patel
Kathleen Roe
Jermeen Wadie



Fatima Ansari
Adam Beans
Heriberto Diaz
Katherine Ebeling
Samantha Jones
Mike Rivera
Megan Steiner
Alena Thomas
Alexis Wadowski
Brittany Wolski


Ayat Abuakar
Mary Adams
Jenny Albert
Mohammed Ahmed
Earl Carlos
Caroline Ebeling
Dina Elgowainy
Amina Ghalyoun
Mariam Saeed
Victoria Victorenko


Sydney Van Alystne
Kam Haifleigh
Aneta Krzycka
Megan Malone
Zack Miller
James Moffitt
Sana Quadri
Harjot Sangha
Jermeen Wadie


Firas Adhami
Ammar Ahmed
Jenny Albert
Lidia Arias
Katherine Braun
Eraj Din
Caroline Ebeling
James Hanley
Dinesh Vemuri
Brittany Wolski


Ayat Abuakar
Sean Callahan
Nicholas Dobes
Caroline Ebeling
David Ebeling
Jennifer Erickson
Uzma Kothawala
Fadi Shihadeh
Azfar Uddin
Victoria Victorenko

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