What is Business Application with Science?

This innovative interdisciplinary undergraduate degree program integrates the study of science, mathematics and technology with studies in business, communication and business law.  The program is rich in science, anchored by the University’s core courses in biology, chemistry and physics.  The Business with Science Application major includes study in mathematics, economic fundamentals, and principles of accounting.  In addition, several specialization courses have been created, including intellectual property protection, innovation and product development, organizational ethics, leadership topics, quality concepts and tools, and project team development.  With faculty guidance, four high growth technology career track programs are available for students to select– biotechnology, informatics, environmental science or pharmaceuticals/allied health.  A Faculty Advisory Group with representatives from the College of Science and Business advise students through their selected technology tracks.

Benedictine’s close location to the I-88 high tech corridor facilitates internship experiences at partner companies such as BP, Packer Engineering, Abbott, Nalco, Tellabs, and Fenwal Inc., culminating with a Capstone course, thus preparing graduates to launch their careers or continue post-graduate studies.

Growing demand for Business Application with Science

As shown in the chart below, only graduates in STEM related disciplines can expect to earn somewhat higher earnings than many business majors. Not only can a business undergraduate expect to realize a promising career and salary, the business with science applications degree also provides an excellent springboard into a STEM career.


Based on several studies, the majority of graduates obtaining STEM (science, technology, engineering, and mathematics) related degrees are not working in a STEM related field.  Of the 7.6 million STEM workers counted by the Commerce Department, only 3.3 million possess STEM degrees.  Additionally, about 15 million U.S. residents hold at least a bachelor’s degree in a STEM discipline, but three-fourths of them, 11.4 million, work outside of STEM. The BBA with Science Applications degree therefore provides an excellent multi-disciplined educational foundation for the graduate to pursue a career in STEM related industries and business sectors.

Why study Business Application with Science at Benedictine University?

In today’s globally competitive business world, the need for critical technical and professional skills demanded by businesses is now known with certainty.  In addition, tomorrow’s business talent requirements continue to emerge and evolve due to the advance of technology. This new, innovative program uniquely prepares students for today’s leading edge business careers.

The Business with Science Applications major prepares graduates who are interested in both science and business management disciplines.  With this interdisciplinary undergraduate degree, they are prepared to launch careers in existing as well as emerging technology- based businesses that are essential to the growth of both our national and the global economy.

What careers are available with Business Analytics Degree?

Business Application with Science program can prepare students with the necessary theoretical and practical background for roles in the following business analytics-related fields:

Progam Track
Science Disciplines/Business Skills
Career Examples
Biotechnology Comprehensive Biology, Genetics, DNA Manipulation Techniques; Leadership, Ethics & Values, Conflict Resolution, Negotiation, Project Management Project Management, Supply Chain Management, Biosecurity, Bioinformatics, Biodefense, Business Analyst
Informatics Computer Programming, C++ Software design, Algorithm Implementation, data structures, object-oriented programming with Java; Team based Problem Solving, Organization Making, Conflict Resolution Negotiation Applied Systematics, Simulation Engineer, Logistics Analyst, Systems Analyst,
Environmental Science Global Environmental Challenges, Hazardous Materials and Waste Management and Compliance; Conflict Resolution, Negotiation, Cost Benefit Analysis Project/Program Manager, Environmental Analyst, Sustainability Specialist, Supply Chain Management
Pharmaceuticals/Allied Health Organic and Biochemistry, Nutritional Science, Human Physiology; Leadership, Organizational Ethics, Conflict Resolution, Patent Law, Intellectual Property and Licensing, Regulatory Affairs Clinical Biostatistics, Quality Analyst, Account Management, Project Management, Regulatory Specialist, Technical Sales, Supply Chain Management
Program Overview
Program Type

Bachelor of Business Administration
(B.B.A) in Business Application with Science

Porgram Length

3-4 years for Freshman
1.5-2 years for Transfer

Program Start

August or January each academic year

Graduation Credit Hour Required

123 Credit Hours for Freshman

Class Size

Less than 20, with an average of 7

The program major courses are designed to:
  • Develop leadership principles while considering acceptable outcomes to challenging ethical and moral dilemmas as encountered in global business.
  • Develop effective personal communication skills that encompass science disciplines and business principles enabling the student to be equipped to address today’s complex business, technological and environmental challenges.
  • Provide the graduate with real world interdisciplinary and intellectual property insights as they relate to product development and innovation processes being essential to business vitality and long term growth. 
  • Develop practical personal life skills that result in enhanced behavioral, ethical, and value based awareness leading to optimal business decision making outcomes.
business curriculum
Requirements - Major:

Science Core (36-38): BIOL 197 & 198/199, CHEM 113/114 & 123/124, PHYS 113 & 118, CMSC 180/181 or 183, (MATH 110) + MATH 111 + (MATH 115 or (MATH 170/171+MATH 200) or MATH 210/207), advanced Science Elective (8-10 hours at the 200/300 level with a required selection of 1 out of 4 tracks: biotechnology, informatics, environment and pharmaceuticals/allied health):

  • Biotechnology: BIOL-208 Microbiology (4), BIOL-250 Genetics (3), BIOL-260 Recombinant DNA lab(1)
  • Informatics: CMSC-200 Computer Programming (4), CMSC-205 Data Structures and Algorithms I (3), CMS-274 Object-Oriented Design and Programming (3)
  • Environment: ENVS-205 Intro to Env Sci (3), ENVS-210 OSHA Haz Waste (1), ENVS-305 (3) Env.Tox (or other elective), BIO-281(1) w/ bio dept chair approval.
  • Pharmaceuticals/Allied Health: CHEM-103 (3) Intro to Org/Biochem, NUTR-200 Nutritional Science (3), BIOL-258 (4) Human Physiology

The following elective science courses are excluded from this major and will not be applied toward major requirements: BCHM 295, 393, 292, 397, CHEM 295, 393, CIS 396, 399, CMSC 396, 399, HLSC 390, MATH 399, PHYS 393, 396. (These are either "teaching," "internship," "practica" or "ACCA Seminar" courses.)

Biostatistics 229 will meet requirements for MGT 150 and MGT 251.

Business Core (27): ACCT 111/112, ECON 101/102, MGMT 150/251, FINA 300, MKTG 300, MGT 300

Major Specialization Courses (24): BSCI 200, 210, 220, 230, 240, 297, 380 and MGT347/CIS 388

Requirements - Other:

Business with Science Application majors must complete the University core requirements, which are partially satisfied by MGT 252 Business Ethics (which also counts as religion core) or one core approved philosophy course in ethics. Transfer students which meet the core requirements, but did not take an ethics course, must take one to meet the requirements of this business major.

  • Biotechnology: BIOL-208 Microbiology (4), BIOL-250 Genetics (3), BIOL-260 Recombinant DNA lab(1)
  • Informatics: CMSC-200 Computer Programming (4), CMSC-205 Data Structures and Algorithms I (3), CMS-274 Object-Oriented Design and Programming (3)
  • Environment: ENVS-205 Intro to Env Sci (3), ENVS-210 OSHA Haz Waste (1), ENVS-305 (3) Env.Tox (or other elective), BIO-281(1)
  • Pharmaceuticals/Allied Health: CHEM-103 (3) Intro to Org/Biochem, NUTR-200 Nutritional Science (3), BIOL-258 (4) Human Physiology

Mr. Robert Nelson, M.B.A.

Program Director

Undergraduate Business

Phone: (630) 829-6469  |  Send Mr. Nelson an Email  |  Office: Scholl Hall 163

Deborah Cernauskas, Ph.D.

Department chair

Undergradaute Business Department

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Ricky Holman,, J.D.

Assistant Professor & Department Chair

Graduate Business Administration

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Ricky Holman J.D. joined the faculty at Benedictine University in 2005 and heads the Business Law certificate and concentrations.  Atty. Holman has 20 years civil and criminal law expertise and is licensed to practice in Illinois and Missouri.His experience includes 18 years as a Public Defender in DuPage and DeKalb County, IL.  He also has experience in private practice and with the Federal Bureau of Investigation.

During his eight years as instructor, Ricky has taught a range of courses including Leadership & Business Ethics, Business Law, Legal Aspects of Human Resources, and Intellectual Property.Outside the classroom, Ricky teaches law related topics for various associations and organizations, is a Mental Health First Aid instructor, and has been a Civil War re-enactor for 33 years.

Nona Jones, Ph.D.

Associate Professor

Undergraduate Business

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Jeffrey Madura, M.B.A., C.P.A.


Undergraduate Business

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Donald Henschel, M.B.A., C.P.A.


Undergraduate Business

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Vicki Jobst, D.B.A., C.P.A.

Assistant Professor

Undergraduate Business

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