Management and Organizational Behavior
Management and Organizational Behavior

The most important asset of any business is its employees. This program is designed to prepare graduates to become highly valued and productive future employees through the completion of this proven business curriculum.  This major includes traditional courses in economics, mathematics, statistics accounting, finance and marketing coupled with an emphasis on business communication course work.


Course study includes an evaluation of the role of economics and business within the social environment of our culture, while placing particular focus on the functions of human resources, operations management, organizational behavior, and the management processes of planning, implementation and control.  An understanding of the interrelationships of business functions within organizations, the  development of communication skills, analytical thinking  and value of the human element in organizations is included.  Similar consideration for international business characteristics is also included.

This business degree is available through day classes for traditional undergraduate students. The major is offered in time periods and formats that are designed for the needs of adult learners, offered through evening and weekend classes.

BBA in Management and Organizational Behavior Requirements Summary for Incoming Freshmen
Graduation Requirement | Min. Semester Credit Hours 120
    General Education Requirements Refer to major checklist for General Education Requirements.
     Business Core Courses 30  
     Major Specialization Courses 12  
     Major Electives 6  
     Department Cognates 9  
Total Major Requirements 57  


Business Core Courses
(30 semester credit hours)
Course Number Course Title Semester Credit Hours
ACCT 1111 Accounting I 3
ACCT 1112 Accounting II 3
ECON 2101 Microeconomics 3
ECON 2102 Macroeconomics 3
FINA 2300 Managerial Finance 3
MKTG 2300 Marketing 3
MGT 1150 Statistics I 3
MGT 2251
BALT 3301
Statistics II or
Managerial Decision Making Under Uncertainty
MGT 3300 Management (WI) 3
MGT 4380 Strategic Management (WI) 3



Major Specialization Requirements
(12 semester credit hours)
Course Number Course Title Semester Credit Hours
MGT 4320 Organizational Behavior 3
MGT 4330 Human Resources Management 3
MGT 4333 Operations Management 3
MGT 2235 or
BSCI 2210
Business Law I or
Science Mgt: Legal Aspects



Major Electives
(6 semester credit hours required. Select 2 courses from the list below)
Course Number Course Title Semester Credit Hours
BALT 3310 Visual Tech. & Dashboarding 3
BALT 4320 Data & Text Mining 3
BALT 4350 Web Intelligence & Analytics 3
BALT 3350 Business Process Management 3
BALT 3360 Social Influence Networks 3
INTB Elective 3000 Level 3
MGT 2237 Business Communication 3
MGT 3301 Entrepreneurship 3
MGT 3302 International Management 3
MGT 3303 Management Labor Relations 3
MGT 3305 Intro to Sport Culture in America 3
MGT 3315 Lean Six Sigma for Oper Excellence 3
MGT 3334 Training & Development 3
MGT 3335 Compensation and Performance Management 3
MGT 3347 Project Management 3



Department Cognates
(9 semester credit hours)
Course Number Course Title Semester Credit Hours
BALT 2240 Excel for Mere Mortals 3
MATH 1115 Business Calculus 3
THEO 2252 Business Ethics 3


Major Specific Notes

All majors must submit at least 45 semester credit hours in major courses (with a grade of “C” or better), of which 30 semester credit hours are at the 200 level or above, including 18 semester credit hours at the 300 level plus 9 semester credit hours in cognate courses.

Refer to the checklist and catalog for a complete list of University and College requirements.

Business Analytics
  • BALT 3310: Visualization Techniques and Dashboarding, 3 credits
  • BALT 4320: Data and Text Mining, 3 credits
  • BALT 3330: Database Structures and Queries, 3 credits
  • BALT 4350: Web Intelligence and Analytics, 3 credits
Digital Marketing
  • MKTG 3345: Introduction to Web Analysis, 3 credits
  • MKTG 3347: Social Media Marketing, 3 credits
  • MKTG 3348: Content Development & Search Engine Optimization, 3 credits
  • MKTG 3349: Search Engine Marketing, 3 credits
Operations Management
  • BALT 3325: Lean Six Sigma for Operational Excellence or INTB 3340: Global Logistics, 3 credits
  • BALT 3350: Business Process Management & Modeling, 3 credits
  • MGT 2235: Business Law, 3 credits
  • MGT 4333: Operations Management, 3 credits
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