Ed.D. in Higher Education and Organizational Change


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Together, we are pioneering transformational change in educational leadership. The Ed.D. from Benedictine University empowers leaders with the knowledge and skills necessary to guide organizations and institutions in an era of unprecedented change.

The EdD program is intended for leadership professionals who wish to accelerate, elevate or enhance their career paths or who seek positions of authority in education, healthcare, social services or a variety of community-based and non-profit organizations. Graduates are prepared for leadership and management positions in public and private educational agencies and associations. As scholars they contribute significantly to the understanding and improvement of educational leadership. The program is designed to be completed in three years and is delivered fully online in an asynchronous, engaging learning platform.

Our Ed.D. students benefit from a unique curriculum that combines rigorous practice-based instruction and research in leadership and change. We partner with our exceptional students as they undergo deep and lasting transformation through a quality, caring and immersive educational experience. We are passionate about helping them realize their full potential as transformational leaders and invite you to contact us to explore your own goals for the future.



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Julie M. Bjorkman, Ph.D.
Director/Assistant Professor

Doctorate of Education (EdD)

Higher Education and Organizational Change

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