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Dear Site Preceptor:

I want to express my most sincere appreciation to you for agreeing to precept interns in the Benedictine University (BenU) supervised practice program. As a preceptor, you are an essential and integral component of dietetics education and that there would be no supervised practice without YOU! I know you agreed to take on the role of preceptor in addition to the traditional responsibilities of your job and out of your willingness to support nutrition education and help develop skilled practitioners.

I view you, the preceptor, as my partner in the education of dietetic interns. My goal is to have you actively participate in the continuous quality improvement process surrounding the BenU Dietetic Internship (DI). As the DI Director, it is challenging for me to always know what will work best for all sites, preceptors, and students. Please communicate to me what is working well and what processes require improvement or modification.

Your input regarding the interns, scheduling, rotations, assignments, etc. is essential to the success of this internship. I RESPECT your expertise and welcome your feedback on a continuous basis, both through informal and formal means.

Please feel free to contact me through email,, or phone, 630-829-6548.

Nikki DeWalt


This handbook and associated materials were created to serve as a resource for the preceptors who have so graciously agreed to precept for the Benedictine University Dietetic Interns.
COEHS heading DI Program

Site Preceptor Handbook


Dietetic Internship Site Preceptor
Training Resources

CPE Opportunities

CDR Online Preceptor Training Course

Completion counts for 8 CEUs

The link takes you to the CDR’s online campus. After creating an account, you can login and take the course in as many increments as you want.

This program is free of charge, regardless of RD-status

NDEP Preceptor Guidance Webinar

Completion counts for 1 CEU

Available now for all educators and preceptors!

Click on the Recording Link to view the webinar that was provided on July 26th, 2018

Learn about the Nutrition Care Process

Dietetians may earn two (2) CPE hours for viewing all modules and passing a quiz

Learn more about the Nutrition Care Process! These video modules, recently updated to reflect terminology changes for the 2015 Edition of the eNCPT, explain the Nutrition Care Process and the layout and organization of the eNCPT.

Evidence Analysis Library Tutorial

Dietitians may earn one (1) CPE hour for viewing all 4 modules and completing a quiz

Competency-based learning
(click on hyperlinks for articles)

Worsfold, Leanne: Competency-Based Approach - provides an introduction to the benefits of competency-based learning models in health care professions

What is Reflective Practice? By Amulya Joy

Miller’s Pyramid of Assessment - begins with levels of competence, and provides pointers for good feedback. In the Dietetic Internship, students need to reach the “does” level in most cases

Defining Competencies and Outlining Assessment Strategies for Competency-Based Education Programs, Pearson.


Using Questions as a Teaching Strategy


The Dietitian Perspective: What Makes a Successful Preceptor?


The Intern Perspective: What Makes a Successful Preceptor?


Tips for Dietetic Preceptors: Part 1


Tips for Dietetic Preceptors: Part 2


Critical Thinking in a Dietetic Internship Setting

At Benedictine University, we concern ourselves with the success of our Dietetic Interns. Our preceptors are field-based mentors providing guidance as interns learn through observation of experts and by practicing professional skills.

Dietetic Interns complete field-based internship experiences. We strive to provide interns with the best educational experience possible, while providing support to all preceptors. We engage in continuous quality improvement of all aspects of the curriculum, soliciting and adapting experiences as appropriate based on professional trends, student development needs and wants, preceptor evaluations, etc.

Communication via telephone, email, or in person is encouraged. Dynamic interaction is essential to the success of this program, so please don’t hesitate to ask questions or provide feedback. Together this will be a rewarding experience for all involved.

Here you will find information necessary to fulfill your responsibilities as a preceptor. The documents and forms found on the website are intended to facilitate your work with the dietetic intern as he or she completes the practicum experiences. The forms may be saved and filled out on your computer, then printed for mailing or faxing. Handwritten forms are also accepted. When mailing evaluations, your Dietetic Intern will provide you with prepaid envelopes.

Dietetic Internship program preceptors evaluate student learning using the following forms:

Site Preceptor Evaluation (Summative)

Preceptors assess the dietetic intern informally throughout each rotation. At the mid-point of some rotations and the end of all rotations, the Site Preceptor will use the Site Preceptor Evaluation form to provide feedback regarding progress on general knowledge and skill level of the Dietetic Intern.

Dietetic Interns also use a similar form for self-assessment


Preceptors, as well as other supervisory personnel and dietitians in attendance, evaluate the skill level of the dietetic intern in delivering presentations during the rotation using the Presentation Evaluation form

Benedictine University Dietetic Internship Program NUTRITION COUNSELING/EDUCATION SKILLS EVALUATION

Counseling skills demonstrated by the dietetic intern are evaluated by the preceptor using the Nutrition Counseling/Education Skills Evaluation form.

Benedictine University Dietetic Internship Program STAFF RELIEF EVALUATION FORM

If a Dietetic Intern performs staff relief, the Site Preceptor will evaluate his/her performance using the Staff Relief Evaluation Form

Benedictine University Dietetic Internship: Clinical Competencies Evaluation Form

During the Acute Care Clinical and LTC/Sub-Acute Clinical rotations, Site Preceptors will assess a Dietetic Interns clinical competence level using the Clinical Competencies Evaluation form.

Upcoming Events

Research Seminar

(typically held on the Friday prior to Thanksgiving Day)

December 6, 2018
More information will be available in late October.

Please contact the Nutrition Department at 630.829.6596 with any questions.

Department of Nutrition
Benedictine University

Catherine Arnold, MS, EdD, RD.
Department Chair


Hours: 9:00 a.m. - 4:30 p.m.

By Mail:
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