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Start Planning Now: Potential Internship Sites

Finding an internship can be a daunting experience, but to help you get started, we have prepared the following list of websites for organizations that may offer internship opportunities.

You may use the following websites as a guide to help you find a public health internship, but keep in mind that this list represents only a fraction of potential public health internships available. There are likely countless more opportunities available that you may not even be aware of! Use this guide as a FIRST START to your internship search; you can get ideas and begin to narrow your field of interests.

Things to keep in mind as you research potential opportunities
  • Many facilities don’t specifically post internship positions, but may be willing to consider sponsoring an intern if you tell them your skill set and demonstrate what you might be able to offer to make their programs better. Seek out potential opportunities at:
    • State and local public health departments/divisions
    • Local/community hospitals and clinics (don’t forget about dentists, especially mobile dentists that service schools)
    • University-based hospital systems
    • Local community organizations/charities that provide services or promote health education
    • Local governments (mayors, townships, councils, etc.) in small or rural communities
    • Local preschools and school districts
    • Locally-based colleges or universities (for research opportunities)
    • Mental health organizations
    • Veteran’s organizations and VA hospitals & healthcare facilities
    • National and local elder care and memory care facilities
  • You may also wish to consider looking into your local community colleges or small colleges in your region that do not offer graduate level public health programs, but do list research projects in community health, public health, or similar health-oriented research. Many of these instructors may be seeking research assistance, which could lead to a valuable internship opportunity.
  • Carefully research each organization that interests you to gain a better understanding of their mission, goals, and needs. Consider how your skill set can be applied to the sites you pick.
  • When communicating with potential preceptors or other individuals who can help you, remember to be professional, polite, and specific with your questions.
  • Utilize all of your networking opportunities to make a personal connection with someone at potential internship sites. Sometimes you can get a meeting scheduled just because of a personal connection.

*Note: When searching for internship opportunities online, don’t limit your searches to the terms “internship” or “public health.” Expand your search terms to include “research,” “health policy,” “health education,” “community health,” “community health education, “healthcare,” “healthcare management,” “healthcare operations,” “health marketing,” “healthcare consulting,” “healthcare interventions,” “health programs,” etc. Be creative!

National Organizations & Searchable Databases


Alzheimer’s Association:

American Academy of Pediatrics:

American Cancer Society:

American Dental Association:

American Diabetes Association:

American Foundation for the Blind:

American Heart Association:

American Hospital Association:

American Lung Association:

American Medical Association:

American Red Cross:

American Society for Microbiology:



Association of Schools & Programs of Public Health:

Autism Speaks:

Blue Cross/Blue Shield:


Cigna Health:

Defense Intelligence Agency Wounded Warrior Internships:

Doctors Without Borders:


Health Resources & Services Administration:

Healthcare Internships:


International Red Cross:

Internships (Chegg) online:

Maternal & Child Health:


MPH Programs List:

National Alliance on Mental Illness (NAMI):

Nonprofit Opportunities:

Occupational Health Internship Program:

Pathways to Science:

Public Health Institute:

Public Health Internships & Practicums:

Public Health online:

Society for Public Health Education:


US Dept of Health & Human Services:

USA Jobs:

Virtual Student Federal Service:

Walsh Safety Internship Program:

World Health Organization:

Wounded Warrior Project:

World Internships:

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