Elementary Education
Elementary Education

Illinois Licensure for Elementary Education

Today's schools are in critical need of effective elementary education teachers. Between 2012-2022, over 18.5% growth in the need for teachers is expected. Of the nearly 211,000 teaching positions, roughly 87,000 will be in elementary education (Illinois Department of Employment Security, 2014).

Benedictine's state approved Elementary Education program is dedicated to meeting that challenge consistent with state and national standards.

As you prepare to become an elementary education teacher, you will:

  • develop an understanding of how children learn;
  • explore options for teaching a wide variety of subject/content areas;
  • teach through experiences with licensed teachers in diverse schools; and
  • research current elementary education practices involving instructional planning, methods, curricula, and assessment.

Candidates in the Elementary Education Program are supported by qualified faculty, university supervisors, and staff as they progress through their curriculum and clinical experiences. Candidates receive a solid foundation to become effective elementary education teachers committed to scholarship, lifelong inquiry, leadership, and social responsibility.

This program does not meet the requirements for licensure in all states.

 Accredited by the Illinois State Board of Education, ISBE.

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Alandra Devall, Ph.D.
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