Department of Art

With majors in Studio Art and Graphic Arts and Design, Benedictine's Department of Art offers students the opportunity to become engaged in an intellectual and spiritual discourse through a chosen artistic medium. Creating art is not only a time-honored activity in the liberal tradition of learning, but an enlightening way of living life and being employed in the world of commerce. It is also distinguished by its difference from other academic disciplines.

Our faculty is composed of active, working artists who are also highly experienced teachers. We encourage students to develop and refine their talent through exposure to a variety of artistic traditions, including the representational traditions of Western Art, Modernism, and Post Modernism. We require students to take a range of courses from the disciplines of drawing, design, oil painting, printmaking, photography, computer art, and graphic design. Our program also includes writing-intensive courses which further enhance the cultural development of an aspiring artist; they include courses in art history and art criticism. In addition to our two major programs, we offer minors in Fine Arts and Graphic Arts and Design.

Our graduates have attended notable Masters programs at the Art Institute of Chicago, the Philadelphia Academy of Fine Arts, and the Adler School of Psychology. They have also found success in a variety of other career paths including graphic design, teaching, and art therapy. We invite you to explore our website to learn more about what our various programs of study in art can offer you!