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Department of Art

Programs of Study

Graphic Arts and Design

major, minor

The Department's program in Graphic Arts and Design offers well-structured design courses within a strong liberal arts curriculum. Through practical and theoretical visual communication studies as well as intensive, hands-on instruction in contemporary design techniques, students learn about all aspects of graphic arts and design in print and digital media. Classes focus on logo and brand design, typography, editorial design, package design, poster design, book design, computer animation, and web design. Students have the opportunity to work in a Mac computer lab equipped with industry-standard equipment and software and receive outstanding instruction in traditional art forms such as drawing, printmaking, three-dimensional art, and oil painting.

Careers.  With experience in computer animation, digital photography, drawing, oil painting, print layout and design, printmaking, three-dimensional art, and web design, Graphic Arts and Design students leave Benedictine well-prepared to pursue exciting careers in animation, artistic direction, brand/logo design, illustration, layout design, photography, photography editing, and web design.

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Studio Art


The Bachelor of Arts degree in Studio Art is a well-rounded art program that places its educational focus on artistic traditions that are prominent in the art world today: the Representational Tradition, Modernism and Post Modernism.

The foundational part of the program strongly emphasizes learning observation. In drawing, painting, and figure drawing courses, students learn to represent the spatial, tactile world in front of them. You will learn the theory of linear perspective, sight measuring, tone modeling, and color theory as it pertains to working directly from life. Other studio courses are devoted primarily to the abstract nature of art; they involve composition, design, and the conceptualization of ideas through form invention. Writing-intensive courses in Art History and Art Criticism (FNAR 398: Senior Seminar) establish a critical and cultural awareness of art historical periods of both traditional and contemporary times.

Studio Art majors learn to work in a wide variety of artistic media, including drawing, oil painting, the four traditional printmaking media (intaglio, lithography, serigraphy, and relief/woodcut), digital photography, computer art, mixed media, and calligraphy. Students are expected to achieve mastery of a chosen medium over their four year undergraduate period.

Work from Advanced Studio class
Romana Jankowski

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Fine Arts


The minor in Fine Arts gives students a strong introduction to the history of art from ancient to modern times as well as foundational coursework in both drawing and design. Students pursuing the minor take FNAR 101 (Fundamentals of Design), FNAR 111 (Drawing I), FNAR 203 (Ancient to Medieval Art History), and FNAR 204 (Renaissance to Modern Art History). Additionally, the program also offers a choice of two 200-level studio courses, allowing a student to gain familiarity with two different artistic mediums or to focus in both courses on developing greater fluency in one medium. For the required course at the 300 level, students may elect to take a studio course or FNAR 398 (Senior Seminar: Art Criticism).

To find out more about the Department's Fine Arts minor, as well as about the courses required as part of the program, click on the "Learn More" link.

work from "Advanced Drawing" course
Kevin Coffey, OSB

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