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Department of Art

Student Artwork

The students in the Department of Art students excel in a variety of media, producing work of which the faculty are justly proud. In the virtual galleries on this page, we offer a selection of the outstanding artwork created by students for our classes.

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Advanced Drawing

An intensive investigation into the use of value and the compositional elements of picture making. Emphasis will be placed on the methods of representation as evidenced by the traditions of past masters.


Advanced Painting

An advanced 300-level studio art course that explores the meaning of Modernist abstraction in painting. The course will also consider the relevance of understanding contemporary art as it becomes pertinent to conceiving of a personal artistic vision. Having an aesthetic posture of creativity, invention and discovery is the primary attitude towards the course.


Advanced Printmaking

An advanced 300-level studio art course that utilizes one, or more, of the traditional printmaking mediums. Students are expected to pursue a personal vision while being aware of the influences that contemporary printmaking can offer. Mastery of the printmaking material and techniques will remain a primary concern.


Advanced Studio

An advanced studio course that focuses on advanced issues in art making related to medium and content. Students develop individual mastery in form and chosen subject matter.


Digital Photography

Emphasis on shooting and manipulation of digital camera imagery.


Fundamentals of Design

Emphasizes the knowledge and application of basic design principles of two-dimensional images in representational and abstract forms.