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Communication Arts

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A liberal arts degree that prepares students for careers in the media industry, the Department's program in Communication Arts provides engaging coursework in theory, writing, and print and electronic media, while also offering an array of opportunities for hands-on experience. Prior to graduation, all majors assemble and submit a portfolio of their work in advertising, journalism, multimedia, public relations, and video. And whether majors or minors in Communication Arts, our students leave Benedictine positioned for success in a number of careers, including advertising, electronic and print media, journalism, and public relations, and publishing, as well as in any field requiring sophisticated communications skills.

The Communication Arts major offers areas of focus in journalism, broadcasting and cable, advertising and public relations, and mass media theory and criticism.

Major with a concentration in Sports Journalism

Sports are deeply ingrained in American culture. For many, they are more significant and better understood than international events. The sports section is a key part of most major newspapers and sports are a significant component of every local news broadcast. Job opportunities are increasing as new sports gain popularity and television networks offer more sports coverage.

The Communication Arts major with the concentration in Sports Communication enables students with an interest in media communications and a special passion for sports to learn about this phenomenon and its impact on American society. The concentration helps develop the basic writing, reporting, research, design, and production skills we teach to all Communications Arts majors, with special coursework designed to adapt those skills to the exciting field of sports communications. Students will learn the skills and principles necessary to pursue a variety of career options related to sports information, such as sports writer, sports anchor, sports front office administrator, sports community relations director, and athletic director.

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Writing and Publishing


One of a relative few such degree programs in the nation, Benedictine's interdisciplinary major in Writing and Publishing is specially designed to prepare students for careers in the publishing industry and affiliated fields. Upon graduation, Writing and Publishing majors have the skills and knowledge necessary to pursue a variety of careers in advertising, editing, freelance writing, public relations, publishing, and many more fields.

As part of the program, students take coursework in literature, writing, theory, print, and copy editing, with classes taught by faculty from both the Department of Communication Arts and the Department of Languages and Literature. Writing and Publishing majors also have the chance to supplement their classroom study with valuable hands-on experience. Students have the opportunity to work closely with faculty on University and Department publications like The Candor and The DuPage Valley Review. At the same time, the major can be easily and profitably combined with a minor in either Communication Arts or English Language and Literature, enabling students to get even more out of their educational experience.

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