Department of History, Philosophy, and Theology


Dr. Martin J. Tracey

Department Chair
Professor (philosophy)

History, Philosophy, and Theology

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Ph.D. (medieval philosophy), University of Notre Dame | 2000

M.M.S. (medieval studies), University of Notre Dame | 1993

A.M. (religious studies), University of Chicago | 1991

B.A. (theology), University of Notre Dame | 1990


Selected Publications

"Albert's Moral Thought." In Irven M. Resnick, ed., A Companion to Albert the Great: Theology, Philosophy, and the Sciences, pp. 347-379. Brill's Companions to the Christian Tradition, 38. Leiden and Boston: Brill, 2012.

"Thomas Aquinas on Stewardship." In Christine M. Fletcher, ed., Faith, Science and Stewardship: Christian Pedagogy on the Environment. Proceedings of the 2011 Regional Conference of the Lilly Fellows Program in Humanities and Arts. Lisle, IL: Benedictine University, 2011.

"Anselm's De Casu Diaboli and the Deontological Character of his Moral Thought." In Roberto Hofmeister-Pich, ed., Anselm of Canterbury (1033-1109): Philosophical Theology and Ethics, pp. 195-218. Textes et Études du Moyen Âge, 60. Porto: Fédération Internationale des Instituts d'Études Médiévales, 2011.

"Prudentia in the Parisian theological summae of William of Auxerre, Philip the Chancellor, and Albert the Great." Via Alberti: Texte – Quellen – Interpretationen. Eds. Ludger Honnefelder, Hannes Möhle, and Susana Bullido del Barrio. Subsidia Albertina Series, 2. Münster: Aschendorff, 2009. 267-293.

"Virtus in the Naples Commentary on the Ethica Nova (MS Naples, Biblioteca Nazionale, VIII G8, ff. 4ra-9vb)." Virtue Ethics in the Middle Ages: Commentaries on Aristotle's Nicomachean Ethics, 1200-1500. Ed. István Bejczy. Leiden: Brill, 2008. 55-76.

"What Has Aristotle's Virtue to Do with Christian Virtue? Albert the Great versus Philip the Chancellor." Temperance: Aquinas and the Post-Modern World. Ed. Rollen E. Houser. Thomistic Studies Series. Washington, D.C.: Catholic University Press, 2008.

"An Early 13th-Century Commentary on Aristotle's Nicomachean Ethics Bk. I, Chs. 4-10: The Lectio cum Questionibus of an Arts-Master at Paris in MS Napoli, Biblioteca Nazionale, VIII G 8, ff. 4r-9v." Documenti e studisulla tradizione filosofica medievale 17 (2006): 23-70.

"Albert on Incontinence, Continence, and Divine Virtue." Das Problem der Willensschwäche in der mittelalterlichen Philosophie / The Problem of Weakness of Will in Medieval Philosophy. Eds. Tobias Hoffmann, Jörn Müller, and Matthias Perkhams. Recherches de Théologie et Philosophie Médiévales - Bibliotheca, 8. Leuven: Peeters, 2006. 195-218.

"Revisiting Albert the Great's 'Abhorrence' for Latin Doctrine on the Intellect." Intellect et imagination dans la philosophie médiévale / Intellect and Imagination in Medieval Philosophy / Intelecto e imaginação na Filosofia Medieval. Eds. José Meirinhos and M.C. Pacheco. Actes du XIe Congrès International de Philosophie Médiévale de la Société Internationale pour l'Étude de la Philosophie Médiévale (S.I.E.P.M.). Rencontres de Philosophie Médiévale, 11. Turnhout: Brepols, 2006. 1191-1200.

Dr. Steven Burgess

Assistant Professor (philosophy)

History, Philosophy, and Theology

Phone: (630) 829-1368  |  Send Dr. Burgess an Email  |  Office: Kindlon 154


Ph.D., University of South Florida | 2013

B.S., Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute | 2006

Selected Publications and Presentations

“Descartes' Atomism of Thought: A Solution to the Puzzle about True and Immutable Natures.” Res Cogitans 13, 2 (2018): 1-30.

“Nietzsche on Descartes: The Hidden Target of Gay Science, 344.” Existential and Phenomenological Theory and Culture Annual Conference. Regina, Saskatchewan, Canada, May 2018. Also presented as an invited lecture at Hiram College (October 2016).

“Metaphysical Considerations in Descartes’ Regulae.” Learned Philosophy: A Conference Honoring Roger Ariew. Paris, France, January 2016.

“Nietzsche’s Critique of Language and Logic.” American Philosophical Association, Eastern Division Meeting. Washington, D.C., January 2016.

“Heidegger on Descartes’ Method.” Invited lecture at Hiram College. Hiram, OH, February 2015.

“Knowing Thyself in a Contemporary Context: A Fresh Look at Heideggerian Authenticity” (with C. Rentmeester). In Horizons of Authenticity in Phenomenology, Existentialism, and Moral Psychology, eds. Megan Altman and Hans Pedersen (2015).

“Resolving the Question of Doubt: Geometrical Demonstration in the Meditations.” Society and Politics 6, 2 (2012): 43-62.

“The Ontological Background of the Method of Demonstration in Descartes’ Meditations.” Bucharest-Princeton Seminar in Early Modern Philosophy: The Battle for Scientia in the Seventeenth Century. Bran, Romania, July 2012.

“Making Sense of Nietzsche’s ‘Truths’: Slavery, Misogyny and Aristocracy.” Comparative and Continental Philosophy Circle Annual Meeting. Cork, Republic of Ireland, March 2011.

Dr. Rita George-Tvrtković

Professor (theology)

History, Philosophy, and Theology

Phone: (630) 829-6266  |  Send Dr. George-Tvrtković an Email  |  Office: Kindlon 156


Ph.D. (theology), University of Notre Dame | 2007

M.T.S. (theological studies), Weston Jesuit School of Theology | 1997

B.A. (anthropology), University of Tulsa | 1994


Research Interests

Dr. Tvrtković is a historical theologian specializing in the medieval period. Research interests include medieval Christian-Muslim-Jewish relations, pilgrimage literature, medieval women “vernacular” theologians, contemporary Catholic interreligious dialogue, and comparative theology (Islam).



Christians, Muslims, and Mary: A History 
(New York: Paulist, 2018). 

Nicholas of Cusa and Islam: Polemic and Dialogue in the Late Middle Ages, ed. Ian C. Levy, Rita George-Tvrtković, and Donald F. Duclow (Leiden: Brill, 2014).  

A Christian Pilgrim in Medieval Iraq: Riccoldo da Montecroce’s Encounter with Islam (Turnhout: Brepols, 2012). 

Articles & Chapters

 “Our Lady of Victory or Our Lady of Beauty? The Virgin Mary in Early Modern Dominican and Jesuit Approaches to Islam.” Journal of Jesuit Studies 7 (2020): 403-416. 

 “Meryem Ana Evi, Marian Devotion, and the Making of Nostra aetate 3.” Catholic Historical Review 103.4 (Autumn 2017): 755-81. 

“Bridge or Barrier? Mary and Islam in William of Tripoli OP and Nicholas of Cusa,” Medieval Encounters 22.4 (2016): 307-325. 

“What Muslims Can Teach Catholics about Christianity” in Comparative Theology in the Millennial Classroom: Hybrid Identities, Negotiated Boundaries, ed. Reid Locklin and Mara Brecht (New York: Routledge, 2016), pp. 153-163.     

“The Ties that Bind: Interfaith Friend, Interfaith Kin” in Interreligious Friendship after Nostra Aetate, ed. James Fredericks and Tracy Sayuki Tiemeier (New York: Palgrave Macmillan, 2015), pp. 75-84.  

“Riccoldo da Montecroce on bismillah and salawat” in Ritus infidelium: Miradas interconfesionales sobre las prácticas religiosas en la Edad Media, ed. José Martínez Gázquez and John Tolan (Madrid: Collection de la Casa de Velázquez, 2013), pp. 85-98.

“After the Fall: Riccoldo da Montecroce and Nicholas of Cusa on Religious Diversity.” Theological Studies 73.3 (Sept 2012): 641-662.

Dr. Kaveh Hemmat

Assistant Professor, Professional Faculty (history)

History, Philosophy, and Theology

Phone: (630) 829-6250  |  Send Dr. Hemmat an Email  |  Office: Kindlon 149


Ph.D., University of Chicago | 2014

M.A., University of Chicago | 2006

B.A., University of Chicago | 2001

Research Interests

Dr. Hemmat is a historian specializing in the premodern Islamic world. His research focuses on how premodern Islamicate culture envisioned East Asia, and the role played by images of Asia, Europe, and Sub-Saharan Africa in premodern Islamic political thought. He teaches courses in history, global studies, and interdisciplinary seminars on culture and history.

Selected Publications

“Citations of ʿAttār and the Kanz al-Haqāyeq in Khatayi's Book of China: A Sufi Path of Bureaucracy” Iranian Studies 51:5 2018.

“Korea and the Ming Tribute System in Khatayi’s Book of China,” Acta Koreana 21:1 2018.

“Children of Cain in the Land of Error: a Central Asian Merchant's Account of Governance and Society in Ming China,” Comparative Studies of South Asia, Africa, and the Middle East 30:3 2010.

“Qurrat al-Ayn,” The Oxford Encyclopedia of Women in World History, vol. 1, ed. Bonnie G. Smith. (Oxford: Oxford University Press, 2008), 544-545.

Selected Presentations

“The Geography of Kingship in Persian Epics, 1000 – 1400,” Middle East Studies Association Annual Meeting, (New Orleans, 17th November 2019)

“Climes of the Soul: Race, Geography, and Interiority in Persian Epics,” Great Lakes Adiban Society Workshop (Indiana University, 28th September 2019)

“Imaginative Geography of the Persian Epic Tradition: 1000-1300 (China in Alexander Romances and the Epic of Kush),” for the round-table discussion “East Meets West: Revisiting the Medieval Dichotomy of Place and Space in Asia,” International Congress of Medieval Studies (Kalamazoo, MI, 9th May 2019)

“Towards a Paradigm and Periodization of East Asian-Islamic World Contact,” Association of Iranian Studies Biennial Conference (Irvine, CA, 15th August 2018)

“Landscapes and Cultural Geography in the Kushnameh,” International Congress on Korea and the Muslim World: Historical and Cultural Encounters, IRCICA (Istanbul, 24th April 2018)

“Towards an Analytical Framework and Periodization of East Asian-Islamicate Contact,” International Conference on Korean Studies in the Middle East at Hanyang University (Ansan, South Korea, 20-21st May 2017)

“Tolerance, Islamization, and China's Connection to 16th-Century Global Millenarian Currents,” Association of Asian Studies Annual Meeting, (Seattle, 31st March-3rd April 2016)

Dr. Mary Kate Holman

Assistant Professor (theology)

History, Philosophy, and Theology

  |  Send Dr. Holman an Email  |  Office: Kindlon 157


Ph.D., Fordham University | 2020

M.T.S., Boston College | 2014

B.A., Georgetown University | 2011

Research Interests

Dr. Holman's research interests include ecclesiology, feminist theology, and the history of the nouvelle théologie movement. Her current work focuses on the historically conscious, socially engaged theology of the French theologian Marie-Dominique Chenu, drawing on archive material and untranslated publications.

Dr. Peter A. Huff

Chief Mission Officer
Professor (theology)

History, Philosophy, and Theology

Phone: 630-829-6664  |  Send Dr. Huff an Email  |  Office: Goodwin Hall 465


Ph.D. (historical theology) St. Louis University 1994

Selected Publications:

Understanding the World’s Religions (Now You Know Media, Inc., 2018)

The Voice of Vatican II: Words for Our Church Today (Liguori, 2012)

Vatican II: Its Impact on You (Liguori, 2011)

What Are They Saying About Fundamentalists (Paulist Press, 2008)


Dr. Susan M. Mikula

Professor (history)

History, Philosophy, and Theology

Phone: (630) 829-6255  |  Send Dr. Mikula an Email  |  Office: Kindlon 150


Ph.D., Syracuse University | 1974

B.A. University of Detroit | 1965


Selected Publications and Presentations


“Institutionalizing Party Systems in Multi-ethnic States: Integration and Ethnic Segmentation in Czechoslovakia, 1919-1992.” With Carol Skalnik Leff. Slavic Review 61.2 (2002): 292-314.

“Slovakia.” Academic American Encyclopedia. Grolier Multimedia Encyclopedia Online, 1997.

“The Relations Between Czechs and Slovaks in the First Republic.” Slovakia 35.64-65 (1994): 78-96.

“Dr. Milan Hodza so svetle archivnych dokumentov z archivov USA.” Milan Hodza: Stanik a politik. Bratislava: SAV, 1992.

“The Politics of Frustration: The Slovak Political Experience 1918-1938.” Reflections on Slovak History. Eds. Stanislas J. Kirschbaum and Anne C. Roman. Toronto: Slovak World Congress, 1987. 73-88.

“Milan Hodza and the Politics of Power, 1907-1914.” Slovak Politics: Essays on Slovak History in Honour of Joseph M. Kirschbaum. Ed. Stanislas J. Kirschbaum. Toronto: Slavic Institute Press, 1983. 42-63.

Dr. Fannie Theresa Rushing

Professor (history)

History, Philosophy, and Theology

Phone: (630) 829-6248  |  Send Dr. Rushing an Email  |  Office: Kindlon 153


Ph.D., University of Chicago | 1992

M.Ed., Chicago State University | 1986

B.A., Roosevelt University | 1974


Adjunct and Emeritus Faculty

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Fr. Philip Timko, OSB Professor Emeritus History, Philosophy, and Theology
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Dr. William Toma Adjunct professor History, Philosophy, and Theology
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Fr. Julian VonDuerbeck, OSB Adjunct professor (core/humanities) History, Philosophy, and Theology
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