Department of History, Philosophy, and Religious Studies

The Major in Social Science

The major in Social Science at Benedictine University is an excellent choice for students preparing to teach social studies in secondary schools, as well as for those interested in acquiring a broad introduction to the various social sciences.

Students in classRequirements for the major in Social Science

The basic major for students in the Teacher Education program consists of courses selected to meet the requirements of the Illinois State Board of Education for Social Studies teachers. This track includes a 24 hour history field, covering both world and American history, a nine hour political science field, and three hours each in anthropology, geography and sociology. Students must also complete the Teacher Certification Program in Secondary Education.

Students not seeking teacher certification can choose coursework in history, political science, economics, psychology or sociology/anthropology to help customize the major to meet their particular interests. The general social science major consists of a 21 hour option in history, economics, political science, psychology or sociology, along with either an 18 hour option in another of the above fields, or two 9 hour options in two of the above fields.

For additional information, see the current University course catalog or speak to a program advisor.

Program Advising

The advisor for majors in Social Science depends on the track chosen: teacher education or general, and in the latter case, on which 21 hour option the student has selected to pursue.

For social science/teacher education or for history, see Dr. Susan Mikula.

For political science, see Dr. Joel Ostrow.
For economics, see Dr. Tim Goines.
For psychology and sociology, see Dr. James Crissman.