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National Counselor's Examination

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Because the Master of Science in Clinical Psychology program has a professional relationship with the National Board for Certified Counselors, we can offer our graduate students an opportunity to take the National Counselor's Examination (NCE) here at Benedictine University prior to graduation. Students are eligible to take the NCE 6-9 months prior to their graduation. An application form is required and students must pay a fee to take the exam. Academic advisors provide assistance with this process.

Students who take the NCE at Benedictine before they graduate are not required to take the State of Illinois Licensed Professional Counselor (LPC) examination for state licensure since these exams are the same test. Such students would, of course, be required to submit the appropriate paperwork to the state of Illinois and document their passing grade on the examination upon graduation. There is also a fee to the state that is required. This option allows the student to expedite the Illinois licensing process and to begin the process of being certified by the National Board for Certified Counselors.


The  MSCP Program has relationships with almost 100 placement sites in 5 counties. Current students may access information about available internships through the Desire2Learn portal by logging in with their BenU password and entering the MSCP Internship "class." Details about current internship opportunities are listed there.

Helpful Links for Students

    • IDPFR - Illinois Department of Financial and Professional Regulation
    • IMHCA - Illinois Mental Health Counselors Association
    • NBCC - National Board for Certified Counselors


Benedictine University's Master of Science in Clinical Psychology program is a proud member of the Council for Applied Master's Programs in Psychology (CAMPP)