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Department of Music

Performance Request Policy

The primary function of the Department of Music at Benedictine University is to provide the highest caliber of technical and artistic education for developing student performers through our programs: the Bachelor of Arts in Music, the Bachelor of Arts in Music Education, double majors, and the Music minor.

Given the special focus on performance, the Department receives frequent requests to provide music for receptions, ceremonies, and other events. Unfortunately, the Department can only support requests that are made well in advance and that can be worked into the performance curriculum of the students by the appropriate Music faculty.

The perception of the Department as a "booking service" creates unnecessary confusion and disappointments. The annual Hooding ceremony, the two Commencement ceremonies, and the Lessons and Carols event before Christmas are examples of student ensembles contributing to university-wide events. Many months of careful preparation and rehearsals—as well as appropriate budget support—are necessary before each of these performances can come to fruition.

Performance Request Guidelines

In view of the above rationale, the Department of Music has established the following guidelines for groups wishing to request performances by Music students and/or faculty:

  • Students playing flutesWhen Department of Music faculty participation is desired, requestors may contact the Department Chair—in writing—at least three months prior to the event. The Department Chair will—when appropriate—direct the requesting party to a Department of Music faculty member. The faculty member is free to negotiate his or her own fees. The Department of Music at Benedictine University does not take any responsibility for the payment, fulfillment, or any other outcome of such arrangement nor it will collect any fees associated with this event.
  • Department of Music ensembles—Concert Band, Concert Choir, Jazz Ensemble, and Chamber ensembles—are University courses. These courses are part of an intense and comprehensive training program that guides developing student performers toward the achievement of high levels of performance. Department of Music student performers carry a heavy performance load of 30-40 concerts per year as part of their course work. The ensembles also perform at designated university events—the spring Hooding Ceremony, Commencement, and a Christmas concert—which are built into the Department's events calendar. As these performances occur toward the end of the Fall and Spring semesters, the appropriate repertoire—when in accordance with the ensemble's developmental needs—becomes part of the course goals.

    Any potential requests for the use of departmental student ensembles are to be addressed to the Chair of the Department of Music—in writing—at least six months prior to the event. The Department Chair—in consultation with the Dean of the College of Liberal Arts—will determine whether the request can be added to the ensemble’s course schedule based on potential scheduling conflicts, students’ level of preparation, and overall departmental capacity.

  • All requests must be approved by the Chair of the Department of Music, the Ensemble Director, and the Dean of the College of Liberal Arts. If approved, these events must be funded by a dedicated budget. The Chair of the Department of Music will respond to the requestor in a timely manner.

For the sake of expediency, anyone requesting live music for an event is highly encouraged to hire a local professional musician(s). An Internet search will provide a list of available performers in the area. If further information is needed, the requestor may wish to contact the Chicago Federation of Musicians (link opens in new window).