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Department of Music

Recital Policy and Guidelines


A recital performance is an important step toward earning a music degree at Benedictine University, and is required for Bachelor of Arts in Music and Bachelor of Arts in Music Education students, and for those minoring in music. Preparation for a recital includes enrollment in a semester-long course in which a student works one-on-one with an applied music instructor to develop and refine a solo performance program.

As scheduling permits, recitals will take place in the 130-seat Scholl Recital Hall, Room 101. The Department of Music will produce a printed program for each recital, based on copy developed by the student and his or her instructor. If scheduled early enough in the semester, the student's recital date will be included in the Department of Music flyer advertising upcoming concerts and programs.

Recital Eligibility

The instructor and the department chair review a student's progress and proficiency, and together determine the student's readiness for a junior or senior recital. Eligibility to begin the recital process and enroll in MUSI 250 or MUSI 350—the junior and senior recital preparation courses—includes a successful jury performance during the prior semester.

Recital Program

The instructor chooses the pieces to be performed. A junior recital should be 30 minutes in length, and a senior recital should be 60 minutes in length, including a 10-minute intermission (50 minutes of music).

Recital Planning Process

  1. The instructor contacts the department chair to choose a date for the recital. Timing: At least six weeks in advance of the recital date.

  2. The instructor sends an electronic version of the copy for the printed program to the Department Chair for review. Once it is approved, the office assistant will complete the program layout and printing. Timing: Copy for the printed program must be finalized and approved by the department chair at least one week prior to the recital date.

    Program copy should be prepared as a word processing document without advanced formatting and textboxes, and must be thoroughly edited and proofread for errors, with special attention to composers' names, foreign words, and accent marks. The Department of Music office is not responsible for correcting errors or omissions.

    Program copy must include the following:
    • the student's full name (as it should appear in the printed program)
    • the date and time of the recital
    • the student's degree program for which the recital is required (i.e. Bachelor of Arts in Music, Bachelor of Arts in Music Education or minor in music)
    • the recital level (i.e. junior or senior)
    • instrument/vocal range
    • instructor's name (as it should appear in the printed program)
    • titles of the pieces in the order which they will be performed
    • composers' names and birth/death dates
    • for vocalists, translations of non-English text (up to 2 double sided 8½ x 11 sheets) will be printed to accompany the recital program. Translations should be submitted for review along with the program copy.