Dept. of Psychology, Criminology, Sociology, and Clinical Psychology

One of the most popular departments on campus, Benedictine's Department of Psychology, Criminology, Sociology, and Clinical Psychology provides students the opportunity to study, broadly, how people create, respond to, and live in a complex social world. Our programs encourage students to gain new insight into how we perceive and act on the world around us, as well as understand, in turn, how that world constrains or facilitates both individual and group action. We offer many programs of study, with majors ranging from psychology to criminal justice and a minor that includes social work. Additionally, our Master of Science program in Clinical Psychology is among the top graduate programs in the nation.

The Department emphasizes quality in teaching, excellence in research, and the importance of public service, cultural diversity, ethical conduct, and individual thinking. Our stellar faculty are active and prolific scholars who publish books in top academic presses and articles in the top journals in their fields. Most of our faculty also present papers based on their research at scholarly meetings each year. Just as important, the Department's faculty members excel in the classroom, introducing students to important disciplinary methodologies, teaching them how to do research, and preparing them to present their work at scholarly meetings. Upon graduation, our students are extremely well-prepared to seek employment in the public sector or pursue graduate studies.

We invite you to explore our website and learn more about our classes and programs. If you have questions, please do not hesitate to contact us.

Students in class.