Department of Psychology and Sociology

The Minor in Life Span Services

Grandmother reading to granddaughterThe Department's minor in Life Span Services offers students opportunities to engage in multidisciplinary study of cultural, psychological, and sociological impacts on the aging process in the United States. The minor provides a knowledge base which will provide introductory skills necessary to work effectively with older adults, their families, and caregivers.

Students often elect to supplement their major with the Life Span Services minor in order to prepare them for careers in which their work with older adults intersects with matters of healthcare, counseling, public policy, and law. In many cases, Life Span Services minors pursue further graduate studies in gerontology and related disciplines. 


Minor Requirements

A minimum of 22 hours of courses--including SOCL 213, SOCL 231, SOCL/PSYC 310, SOCL/PSYC 356, SOCL/PSYC 371, SOCL/PSYC 386--must be completed with a "C" or better and approved by the Director of Life Span Services. Non-sociology majors must take SOCL 350.

In addition to this required course work, students pursuing a minor in life span services must complete a mandatory field placement assignment in the field of gerontology (SOCL/PSYC 398).