The Scholars Program at Benedictine University


Housed in the College of Liberal Arts, Benedictine University's Scholars Program offers academically talented students from across the University special opportunities to develop their skills as thinkers, readers and writers through a coordinated program of seminar-style coursework that emphasizes discussion and debate about vital intellectual questions. The Program also aims to help its members grow as leaders and global citizens by heightening their understanding of other cultures and encouraging a commitment to socially responsible action.

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This web site provides resources for prospective students, current students, and faculty of the Scholars Program. To learn more about the Program, its distinctive approach to fostering student learning, and its special admission and degree requirements, please click on any of the links at left or contact the Scholars Program Assistant. Thank you for visiting!


An intensive immersion in the liberal arts tradition designed for academically gifted students, with a special emphasis on the exploration of diverse issues in literature, philosophy, world history, and more.