The Writing Zone at Benedictine is for Everyone

There are many resources available to you for writing help at every stage of the writing process: choosing a topic, brainstorming ideas, researching, drafting, revisions, editing, and finalizing. We can help with writing required for any class and personal statements for graduate or professional school. See the list to the right for details on how to access these resources. All these services are paid for by your tuition. You've already paid for them, so take advantage of them!

Tips to Help Us Help You

  • Come to us with your best writing. If you come with your best, we can build your writing skills beyond where they currently are.
  • Don't wait until the last minute. If you get a prompt for a paper and you need help, come see us right away.  If you wait until the last minute, we might not have enough time to help.
  • Remember the goal is your independence.  We will not simply fix your papers for you because we want to help you build your skills so you eventually don't need anyone like us. It CAN happen.

Power Writing for Success



Peer Writing Tutors
Virtual Peer Tutoring

Director of the Writing Program
Mr. Greg Ott
Languages & Literature Department
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