Videos for Writing Help

Power Writing for Success
Video Recordings Available in the ACE D2L Group
Stand Out to Future Employers with Strong Writing Skills

You CAN Learn to Write Well… Yes, you can!

Available Topics:

  • Introduction to the Writing Zone - Learn about all the free resources available to you for writing assistance.
  • Structure of a College Paper - Learn how to write strong thesis statements, develop good paragraphs, and transition within and among paragraphs. 
  • Kickstart Your Writing - Learn ten strategies to make starting a college paper easier.
  • Plagiarism - Just Don't Do It - Learn what is and what is not plagiarism.
  • Integrating Sources - Annoying but not Difficult - Learn how to integrate your sources using the ICE acronym.

Coming Topics:

  • Common Writing Errors - Punctuation, Language, and Attitudes
  • Better Word Choices
  • Avoiding Stereotypical Language
  • Good Annotation - for Students who Want to Save Time
  • Writing Personal Statements
  • and more!



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