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Calling All College of Science and Health Alumni!

Ben Hall

Are you proud of your Benedictine degree? Would you like to give back to the College of Science and Health and help current students achieve the same success? Click here to find out more.

College of Science Legacy Book

History of Science

Dr. Tim Marin, Professor and Alumnus, is putting together a History of the College of Science book. To learn more about this project, submit your story, or reserve your copy, please click here.

Welcome from the Dean

Welcome to the College of Science and Health, a community which promotes a culture of academic excellence and experiential opportunities. Inspired by the Benedictine values and a century-long tradition of hands-on learning we are committed to engaging faculty and students in scientific and clinical interdisciplinary teaching, research, and scholarship. Varied modalities such as face-to-face, hybrid, and online learning coupled with laboratories, internships, fieldwork, and clinical practice experiences provide an array of robust learning experiences and community engagement that will prepare you to pursue your dreams. Our faculty and staff in Lisle, IL and Mesa, AZ seek to provide diverse, equitable, and inclusive learning experiences that promotes an environment where all feel welcome.

We offer a wide range of undergraduate programs that provide the requisite knowledge and skills to be successful in careers in the biological, physical, chemical, mathematical, computer, health, nutrition, and engineering sciences. Graduate programs offer opportunities for students to advance their knowledge and skills in clinical exercise physiology, integrative physiology, molecular and cellular biology, nutrition, nursing and public health.

On behalf of the faculty and staff in the College of Science and Health we invite you to visit our campus in-person or virtually to share your goals and passion for learning as a member of the Benedictine community.

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Yvonne Kumon
Assistant to the Dean
(630) 829-6084

Bonnie Beezhold, Ph.D.
Associate Dean, Science & Health
(630) 829-6528

Cheryl Mascarenhas, Ph.D.
Dean, College of Science & Health
(630) 829-6587