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Careers in Software Engineering
Careers in Software Engineering


 A software engineer is a person who designs, develops, maintains, tests, and/or evaluates software for computer systems. That covers a lot of ground. You may work for tech giants Google, Amazon, Twitter, or Microsoft. You could just as readily apply your technical skills to other passions in your life. Computer software permeates our world. Automobiles, and traffic regulation, aeronautical guidance systems, air traffic control, and navigation systems all rely on constantly evolving software. Office building environmental controls, smart homes, remote security monitoring are becoming commonplace. Oh, and don’t forget gaming systems.


Career Opportunities

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Some people refer to software developer or programmer instead; most agree to the meaning of these terms, while the exact meaning of software engineer is still being defined. As the field matures, this may change, but current employers typically are seeking individuals with BS degrees in computer science, computer information systems, or related areas. In discussing the educational backgrounds of software engineers, the Bureau of Labor Statistics reports that they generally obtain a bachelor’s degree in computer science. However, if your interest is in developing or maintaining software information systems for medium to large businesses, a computer information systems degree may be more appropriate. In embedded systems, some have electrical engineering or computer engineering degrees, because embedded software often requires a detailed understanding of hardware.

Careers in Software Engineering

When you are trained in computer science, computer information systems, or data science, there really is no limit to the size or type of enterprise for whom you may work as a software engineer, programmer, or developer. Software is woven through the very fabric of our daily lives. If you have novel, creative ideas for new applications and processes the entrepreneurial opportunities are boundless. The Bureau of Labor Statistics (2018) lists the median annual salary for those in software engineering and related positions between $82,240 and $103,560.

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Benedictine University has a tradition of excellence in undergraduate science programs. The College of Science at Benedictine offers degrees that provide you with the knowledge and skills needed to enter rewarding careers. Our degree programs in Computer Science, Computer Information Systems, Data Science, and Mathematics are proven platforms for success. Many students find that combining one of these majors with a minor allows them to create a specialized academic opportunity that suits their passions and their aptitudes, and provides the background highly sought by employers.


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