What is the Health Science 4 + 1 with MSCEP program?

The 4 + 1 Program allows you to earn a Bachelor of Science in Health Science in four years and a Master of Science in Clinical Exercise Physiology with just one additional year of graduate work. This is possible because in the Health Science 4 + 1 Program, you take graduate-level courses as part of the Health Science major. In your first four years, you will take a variety of interesting courses such as Physiology, Human Anatomy, Biochemistry and Nutrition within the framework of a strong liberal arts curriculum. You will also benefit from 100 contact hours of practical experience in the rehabilitation and fitness workplace.

What to look forward to in earning your Master in Science in Clinical Exercise Physiology

In your graduate year, you will complete the requirements for the Master of Science in Clinical Exercise Physiology. The required graduate courses can be found on the bottom of the major sheet.

Admission to the graduate program in Clinical Exercise Physiology is not automatic. The undergraduate student must meet the requirements for graduate school, which include a 3.0 GPA (on a 4-point scale). Strong candidates should have achieved a grade of “B” or higher in BIOL 258 Human Physiology and BIOL 358 Exercise Physiology.

Successful completion of the Master of Science in Clinical Exercise Physiology is determined after passing an academic/competency skill exam offered as a part of Lab IV. Students are encouraged to sit for the American College of Sports Medicine (ACSM) Registered Clinical Exercise Physiologist exam after completion of the program. The recommended course sequence can be modified to the special needs of a student completing prerequisite classes in the first year.



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