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Graduate Programs in the College of Science
Graduate Programs in the College of Science

Master of Science in Clinical Exercise Physiology

Benedictine University's Master of Science in Clinical Exercise Physiology (MS CEP) program now offers degree completion in 15 months on a full-time basis. The MS CEP program is designed in accordance with the American College of Sports Medicine for certification as a Certified Clinical Exercise Physiologist (ACSM-CEP). Exercise physiologists employed in the field teach clinical coursework to better prepare students for the expectations of professional practice. Through this coursework students develop the skills & qualifications to work in the prevention of cardiovascular, pulmonary and other lifestyle diseases such as obesity and diabetes. Students improve decision-making skills, learn to critically analyze the literature & demonstrate the ability to safely assess physiological performance of patients. The program’s curriculum also includes two internships for students to acquire 600 hours of hands-on clinical experience and training in the rehabilitation of individuals who have experienced problems related to chronic diseases.

Master of Science in Integrative Physiology

Benedictine University’s Master of Science in Integrative Physiology (M.S.I.P.) program is a one year graduate degree program with a full-time curriculum designed for graduates of bachelor’s program in Biology and other related sciences. The program serves students who want to deepen their understanding of physiology and explore various areas of biology by providing a one-year, rigorous course of study culminating in a Master’s degree. It is aimed to provide valuable and marketable experience to students who are taking a “gap” year after graduation. The program also serves students interested in applying to doctoral programs in biomedical research. Students with diverse interests are encourages to apply and will be provided with the right tools and a meaningful path to succeed in their future endeavors.

Master of Science in Molecular and Cellular Biology

This program provides fundamental learning and experiences in molecular and cellular biology. The curriculum covers theory and applications, common techniques, and is supported by hands-on lab experiences. Critical analyses of literature in the field and experiences with scientific writing are woven throughout the curriculum.

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