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Successful completion of the M.S. in Clinical Exercise Physiology is conferred after passing an academic/competency skill exam during the last semester in the program. Students are encouraged to take the American College of Sports Medicine Certified Clinical Exercise Physiologist (ACSM-CEP) certification exam after completion of the program.

We will assist those students who have outstanding prerequisites with modifying the recommended course sequence to accommodate this additional coursework.

Recommended Course Sequence

First Semester – Summer Courses
BIOL 5521 Clinical Exercise Testing and Prescription I (1)
BIOL 5522 Electrocardiography (2)
BIOL 6681 Behavior Modification (2)


Second Semester – Fall Courses
BIOL 5340 Advanced Integrative Human Physiology I (3)
BIOL 6662 Advanced Exercise Physiology (3)
BIOL 6623 Graded Exercise Testing with Lab (3)

Third Semester – Spring Courses
BIOL 5359 Pathophysiology (3)
BIOL 6663 Exercise Pharmacology (3)
BIOL 6664 Clinical Exercise Testing and Prescription II with Lab (2)
BIOL 6690 Internship I (2)

Fourth Semester – Summer Courses
BIOL 6625 Exit Exams (1)
BIOL 6642 Applied Nutritional Physiology with Metabolism (2)
BIOL 6692 Internship II (3)

In order to enhance the professional development of students, students are encouraged to attend a regional or national meeting of one of the professional societies related to the field of clinical exercise physiology. Funding is available to cover one meeting registration fee while students are in the program. A list of recognized societies may be obtained from the Professional Links and Organizations page.



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