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MSCEP students in class 

  1. Students must have earned an undergraduate degree from a regionally accredited university.

  2. Students must have completed undergraduate courses in general chemistry, biochemistry, nutrition, anatomy and physiology, and exercise physiology. A combined health science organic/biochemistry class may be substituted for biochemistry.

  3. Applicants who may have outstanding prerequisite coursework are encouraged to apply during the fall. Certain prerequisite coursework needs to be completed prior to entering the program in order to follow the recommended course sequence.

  4. Applicants may be admitted on a conditional status if they have up to two prerequisites outstanding. Prerequisite courses may be taken at Benedictine University or at any accredited university.

  5. All student applications submitted by the February 1 deadline will be notified by March 15 regarding acceptance status. Students may still apply after the February 1 deadline but no later than May 1 for a summer semester start date.

  6. All acceptances will be based on a student’s qualifications, experience and incoming student space availability.

  7. The Graduate Record Examination (GRE) is not required.

  8. Applicants must submit a one-page essay discussing your education and career goals, and a personal or phone interview.

  9. Two letters of recommendation are also required. One must address your academic potential (preferably from exercise physiology, physiology, or other science instructor) and the other must address your interpersonal skills and work ethic (from an employer or laboratory-based course).

For a full list of application requirements, please visit:


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