The M. S. in Integrative Physiology program is part of the Department of Biological Sciences, College of Science. The curriculum will provide students a chance to show their abilities in advanced coursework and help students identify a focus for their graduate and doctoral degrees. The proposed program is centrally related to the Mission Statement of the institution:  “Benedictine University is a Values-centered liberal arts college enriched by our excellence in science.” The expansion of science offerings with this non-thesis Master’s program in biological sciences further develops students in their preparation to serve society through work in health care.

In this program, students will develop:

  • General Knowledge of Sciences Students will strengthen and deepen their knowledge of physiology and other biology sub disciplines through upper-level coursework complemented with high expectations in reading the professional literature and writing professionally in each course.  To complement what students learn in lecture, students have access to the latest electronic hardware and software to measure cell and body function, providing students the chance to apply and expand on the theory in practical laboratory portion of the two required physiology courses. 

  • Ethical Training
    Students will undertake graduate-level coursework in bioethics to prepare them for the moral complexities of work in today’s health care industry.

  • Communication Skills
    The students will improve their level of oral and written communication skills. The curriculum will aim to improve oral and written communication in demonstrating content, organization, logical flow, presentation and use of vocabulary to effectively present information including the use of figures, tables and citations.
This is a full-time, 30 credit curriculum starting in Fall and ending in Spring semester, with the aim to help students prepare for graduate program entrance exams and interviews.  Students will attend daytime classes, held five days a week, and complete coursework in approximately 10 months. Students must maintain a B average to successfully complete the program.



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Yvonne Kumon
Assistant to the Dean
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Bonnie Beezhold, Ph.D.
Associate Dean
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Cheryl Mascarenhas, Ph.D.
Dean, College of Science & Health
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