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You've finished interviewing - Now What??

Letters of recommendation are written after all of the interviews are completed. Make sure  you have your final interview with Dr. Tischler in order to discuss your letter. THERE WILL BE NO FURTHER ACTION TAKEN ON YOUR LETTER UNTIL YOU HAVE MET WITH DR. TISCHLER.


All electronic letters will require a "Request for Letter" form and a "Release of Rights" form to be submitted to Birck 348 before any letter is electronically uploaded. The fee for each electronic letter is $5.00 (cash or check payable to "Benedictine University" - we cannot accept credit cards)

To request a letter through any online application service, students must:

  • Waive your rights in their system so the letter is confidential
  • Use Dr. Tischler's contact information in your account as the letter writer (Monica Tischler,, (630) 829-6536)
For AMCAS requests, you must turn in the Letter Writer's form that has your AAMC and AMCAS Letter ID numbers on it when you turn in your request to the office.  We cannot access your account without those numbers.

Dr. Tischler will receive an online email request from the site that a letter has been requested.  Once your payment and forms have been submitted to Birck 348, your letter will be processed and uploaded to the site.  

For schools that have their own portals for uploading letters, follow the procedure for submitting letters provided by each school. Most schools have specific instructions and a portal link that can be sent directly to your letter writer. Please make sure to send these instructions Dr. Tischler ( The fee for each graduate school letter is $5.00.

If a letter needs to be emailed directly to a specific person at an institutions, please make sure to include the name and email of the person AND the name and address of the institution. The fee for an email letter is $2.00. Please note that we retain the right to not email a letter if the email address is not a ".edu".

For paper letters you need to turn in a "Request for Letter" form and a "Release of Rights" form.  YOU MUST SIGN AN ORIGINAL RELEASE OF RIGHTS FORM FOR EACH LETTER YOU ARE REQUESTING. These releases go into the packet of information that we send to the schools.

If you are requesting more than one letter at a time, please fill in ONE "Request for Letter" form and just attach a list of SCHOOLS AND ADDRESSES. (Please include the complete address of the school that you are sending the recommendation). The "Request for Letter" form has information on it that I need to complete your packet. LETTERS WILL NOT BE SENT OUT IF I DO NOT HAVE ONE CURRENT COPY OF THIS FORM ON FILE.

The charge is $5.00 per paper letter requested. Payment is due with the request, or in advance. I accept cash or a check made payable to "Benedictine University".  I cannot accept credit card payments. LETTERS WILL NOT BE MAILED OUT UNLESS PAYMENT IS RECEIVED.

Please note: we cannot and will not release a letter directly to a student, even in a sealed envelope, to be included with your application packet. All recommendation letters will be sent directly to the professional schools only.


Updated 7/18/17

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