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Becoming a doctor, a dentist, a veterinarian, or many other kinds of healthcare professionals often requires successful completion of a bachelor’s degree that includes specific required course material or highly recommended areas of study. Additional extracurricular activity is also exceedingly important. You can pursue any major you’d like (we encourage you to pursue your interests!) but you will need guidance to ensure that you are taking the necessary prerequisite courses and gaining appropriate experiences to be eligible to successfully apply for a health professional school later.

Health Professions FairAt Benedictine University you have the benefit of being guided by at least two advisors. Every student is assigned an academic advisor. This individual helps you to stay on track for completion of your degree major. In addition, every pre-health profession student is encouraged to meet each semester with our pre-health professions advisor. The role of the pre-health professional advisor is to help you plan to schedule the pre-requisite courses needed for admission to a health profession school. The pre-health advisor also works with you to identify opportunities for extracurricular engagement, especially in healthcare-related activities such as volunteer work and shadowing.

The pre-health profession advisor is also the primary person with whom student should work if they are interested in an allied health career. The advisor can provide details about competitive entry into clinical years of the curriculum, planning, options, and anticipated timetable. We strongly recommend that all students meet with the pre-health advisor each semester, or more frequently is needed. 



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