Preston Aldrich - Network and Systems Biology; DNA Linguistics; Plant Molecular Ecology; Scientometrics and Philosophy of Science, Wittgenstein

Catherine Arnold - Predictors of behavior change, self-efficacy and motivation; student leadership, engagement, and learning

Krishna Bhagat - Deconstructing the dominant obesity discourse, social determinants of health, designing weight-inclusive health promotion models to facilitate intuitive eating, mindfulness, enjoyable movement

Bonnie Beezhold - Diet quality, correlates of plant-based diet and emotional wellness, menopausal symptoms, lifestyle choices of vegans

Mary Beth Billie - Increasing nurses’ and social workers’ knowledge, skills and confidence initiating Serious Illness Communication with individuals living with a serious illness to elicit their goals, values and preferences for care

Tim Comar - Mathematical Biology, Impulsive Differential Equations, Agent Based Modeling, Mathematical Biology Education, Hyperbolic Manifolds, Kleinian Groups, Low-Dimensional Topology, Knot Theory

Anthony DeLegge - Math biology, including ecological problems with financial analogs and epidemiology, probability applications to games and game shows

Christopher Duffrin - Health workforce development, patient education for low income and minority populations, and improvements in systems of care

James Fackenthal - Cancer biology, regulation of tumor suppressor gene expression, regulation of alternate mRNA splicing

Max Ghaffari - Higher education, nursing education, online education, human intelligence, student wellness

Alan Gorr - Ethics appropriate to global health, changing environment and demographics, international health manpower development

Ian Hall - Neural and endocrine mechanisms regulating communication, vocal prodction, and auditory preception.

Leigh Anne Harden - physiological ecology, herpetology, wildlife conservation and outreach.

Cheryl Heinz - Plant-insect interactions, behavioral and chemical ecology, butterflies and other insects

Deb Jezuit - Ethics, end of life, moral distress, and caring

Manu Kaur - Functional analysis, operator theory and cyptology; use of technology in mathematics education

Casey Larsen - Catalysis, organic synthesis, organometallic chemistry, applications, green chemistry, chemical education

Joan Libner - Nurses’ knowledge of the Nurse Practice Act and disciplinary process, improving licensure exam performance of nursing program graduates

Annie Lin - Dietary assessment, electronic health, cancer prevention and survivorship, health communication

Janet LoVerde - Nursing education, transfer of knowledge to practice

Jennifer Makelarski - social factors affecting population health, interventions to improve health outcomes, reduce health disparities; community resources used to alleviate health-related social risks to improve mental health, specifically in caregivers and university students

Brooks Maki - Organic chemistry, synthetic chemistry, catalysis, nucleophilic fluorination, medicinal chemistry. Inspired by how molecules are made in nature, Dr. Maki is interested in making bioactive compounds with similar core structures to a family of pyrrole-based natural products using organic synthesis techniques. These naturally occurring compounds have been found in medicinal teas and other plants. A straightforward two-step process is being developed and explored to discover new structures and additional reactions that can be used to make these interesting compounds.

Lindsey Mao - Omics, Bioinformatics, Genetics, and Student Motivation in Biology

Tim Marin - Radiation chemistry, spectroscopy, photophysics, electron-transfer processes, chemical and physical properties of water

Cheryl Mascarenhas - Making molecules through organic transformations that incorporate the use of environmentally-benign organic catalysts

Robert McCarthy - Evolution and development of the brain, skull, and vocal organs in primates and hominins; skeletal morphology; Australopithecus life history.

Jeremy Nadolski - Mixture Modeling, Functional Data Analysis, and Computational Statistics

Madhavan Narayanan - Biochemistry, biophysical chemistry, computational chemistry, chemical education

Philip Novack-Gottshall - paleobiology; functional ecology; body size evolution; morphometrics; marine invertebrates

Gina Panozzo - Psychiatric nursing including schizophrenia and therapeutic relationships

Tiara Perez Morales -Bacterial quorum sensing, protein-peptide interactions, bacterial genetics

Sarah PerryCasual inference in general, with specific focus on mediation analysis

Georgeen Polyak Public health services and systems research, health policy

Margaret RicheyNursing and health professions education, Including mental health, population and community health, distance education

Alison RidgeMental health nursing, distance nursing education, caring

Niina Ronkainen - Chemistry/biochemistry education, sustainability curriculum, electrochemical characterization of biomolecules, trace element analysis, development and optimization of enzyme assays, microvolume immunoassays, electrochemical detection.

David Rubush - Asymmetric organocatalysis, reaction development, synthesis of biologically important molecules including potential malaria and cancer therapeutics, green chemistry, chemical education.

Jayashree Sarathy - Epithelial cell physiology, bile acid-induced barrier dysfunciton, apoptosis, tight junction, oxidative stress, paracellular permeability, probiotics, IBD and cancer therapeutics

Lee Ann Smith - Aging, Genomics and Bioinformatics, Drosophila, RNA Processing

Paula Sochacki - Leadership, mentoring, self-efficacy, ethics in professional practice and professional development

Stefan Stefanoski - Renewable energy, energy storage, batteries, solar photovoltaics, thermoelectricity, physics education

Monica Tischler - Microbial ecology

Jeffrey Trask - Healthcare disparities (vaccine hesitancy among African Americans), uninsured access to primary care, ACA policy on hospital readmissions

Tom Wangler - Dynamical systems, chaos theory, and quantitative literacy; In the past he has worked with the NASA-JOVE program on mathematical modeling of solid-state laser systems and their application to remote sensing

Jennifer Waters - Nutritional care of the transgender and nonbinary community; professional development/training of nutrition professionals; health equity; enteral nutrition therapy

Matt Wiesner - Observational astrophysics: strong gravitational lensing, galaxy clusters, spectroscopic follow-up of gravitational wave events, large astronomical surveys, cosmology, intersection of philosophy and science, history of science and physics education research

Andrew Wig - Scanning Probe Microscopy, Optical Tweezers, Physics Education, Outreach

Allison Wilson - Cellular Physiology of Environmental Estrogens on Bone Cells

Markisha Woodson - Health disparities, specifically maternal and child health outcomes in African American community and community-based organization methods to address disparities

Ellen Ziliak - Computational Group Theory, Symmetric Spaces, Applications of Abstract Algebra, and Effective Pedagogy

Dr. Wilson researching


Dr. Marin reseaching



Dr. Ziliak teaching

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