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Summer Research

Benedictine's Natural Science Summer Research Program is a challenging opportunity. Research students' duties and responsibilities expand beyond the 10 week research project. Not only are students expected to attend the weekly lunch seminar over the summer, but they must also write a paper about their research and present a poster at the Fall College of Science Open House and and the local ACCA seminar. Before applying for this opportunity, students are encouraged to thoughtfully review the summer research expectations listed below.

  1. Normal research appointments are10 weeks of full-time laboratory work during the summer months. However, some appointments may be for five weeks. Whether accepting a five or 10 week appointment, a student who plans to take a second job or to take summer school classes must obtain permission from his/her faculty mentor. Failure to disclose this information will result in loss of the summer research job. Normally students with 5 week appointments will be given more leeway with regard to a second job or summer school classes.

  2. All student researchers must attend each of the Wednesday lunch meetings. In addition, students must participate each week in a group meeting where progress reports must be given. A student whose research is completed before the end of the 10 week period is excused from group meetings.

  3. Each student must submit a written, journal style report to his/her mentor. The report should be handed in (preferably) at the end of the summer appointment, before school begins. However, if the work will continue through the fall semester, the report may be handed in at the end of Christmas break before spring classes begin. A copy of this report will be given to the dean of the College of Sciences.

  4. Each student researcher must present a poster of his/her work as well as perform other assigned duties at the College of Science open house.

  5. Each student will be required to present at least one public talk on campus describing his/her work.

  6. Each student is expected to present his/her work at a meeting or conference. The venue may be a professional meeting or conference or it may be a student symposium. The presentation usually takes the form of a 15 minute talk or a poster session.

  7. All students involved in the summer research program must enroll in the College of Science Summer Research Class (NTSC 398) for zero credit hours. This is a pass/fail class. Successful fulfillment of the responsibilities outlined above will result in a passing grade ("P"). Unsatisfactory completion of one or more of these responsibilities will result in a failing grade ("F"). Grades will be given by the coordinator of the summer research program in consultation with faculty mentors.


Yvonne Kumon
Assistant to the Associate Dean
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Associate Dean, Science & Health
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