Class Gift

Join your classmates in supporting this year’s Class of 2022 gift to Benedictine University. The gift will be directed to the University’s Mission Fund. This fund helps so many of our students when they find themselves hanging on by a thread. They are in danger of dropping out just a few credits short of a degree because of a family emergency or other unexpected financial hardship. BenU’s Mission Fund and its donors give the students that extra money they need to cross the finish line. Thank you to those who have participated in this gift and contributed to future generations of BenU students!


Commencement Photos

Commencement photos will be available at the Commencement ceremony. More details will be forthcoming.


Announcements, frames and other accessories

Announcements, frames and other accessories can still be ordered after your commencement day. Please click HERE for additional information.



Pat Ariano
Chief of Staff

Deb Cagle
Director, University Development Events
(630) 829-6080