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July 10, 2020   |  Campus Communication

The BenUFlex Model: Fall 2020 Semester


Our goal is to deliver a safe, comfortable and engaging environment for both faculty and students; the best way to do that is to present options and ensure a high level of flexibility to accommodate individual needs or challenges among students and faculty.

The BenUFlex model is our hybrid format of delivering coursework (also known as “Hyflex” or “blended”). This is a blend of instruction options (modalities), which includes in-person instruction supplemented by virtual learning. It is built for flexibility and should provide us all with choices when looking toward the fall semester.

The BenUFlex model allows students (and faculty) options (online, in-person or combination) for the courses they need to take to graduate on time.

BenUFlex courses may take on a variety of forms based on your course or instructor. Here are a few example scenarios for how a class might be structured:

  • Class meets on campus at the noted days and times, but sessions are recorded or live-streamed so students who need to stay at home may do so without missing any coursework.
  • Class meets one day a week in person and one day a week online. In-person sessions may also be recorded or live-streamed for students who cannot attend any in person session.
  • Half the class attends in-person and the other half of the class participates remotely via live-streaming. Students rotate who is coming to campus each class period so everyone has equal opportunity to receive in-person instruction if desired.

BenUFlex Key Terms

As you build or adjust your class schedule in MyBenU,  here are the key BenUFlex terms to know:

  • In-Person: This course will function in a traditional format, offered on campus at the scheduled time listed in MyBenU with no virtual component. These types of courses might include pre-clinicals, practicums, music lessons, labs, etc. Sessions will not be live-streamed or recorded for virtual viewing. Only a few courses will be strictly in-person.
  • Online Only (noted in MyBenU as “World Wide Web – Online”): This course will not have an in-person component and will only be offered online. The professor will choose whether the course will be synchronous or asynchronous (see below).
  • Synchronous: These (online or in-person) courses’ virtual sessions will have a set meeting time for students to participate via live-stream virtually.
  • Asynchronous:  These (online or in-person) courses’ virtual sessions will be posted online to allow students more flexibility on when to view class sessions virtually, while still meeting assignment and assessment deadlines outlined in the course syllabus.
  • BenUFlex: This is a hybrid blend of in-person instruction, supplemented by virtual learning. These can also be a blend of synchronous and asynchronous.

Please note that these modalities are still being finalized.

Course Scheduling and MyBenU

Within MyBenU, the course format will be listed under “Class Details > Instruction Mode” when you click on each course. Any additional information about how your instructor intends to utilize the BenUFlex model (examples above) and whether an online course will be synchronous or asynchronous can be found under “Enrollment Information > Class Note.” Click here to view the Class Search User Guide.

Should you wish to change your schedule, you will be able to search for classes by these modalities through multiple ways in MyBenU. However, please note that incoming students (freshman and transfer) will need to speak to their academic advisor about changes and should not make these changes on their own).

As mentioned, changes are still being made to the course schedule, which will be reflected on the MyBenU site. As modifications are made, updates will be sent to you from the Registrar’s Office noting those changes. This is not unlike a normal semester where classroom numbers may change up until the first week of classes. We are committed to communicating these changes to you in a swift and effective manner.  

Who to Contact

If you have questions or need assistance with reviewing your class schedule or making changes:

  • Please consult your advisor in preparing your schedule to ensure you are registered for the classes you need, in the format that you need. Lisle students, you may also reach out to the Advising Center: or by calling 630-829-1120.
  • The Registrar’s Office can help you with the process of class registration or changing schedules. Lisle students, please email or call 630-829-6349. Mesa students, please email or call 602-888-5502.
  • Academic Support: Students with a diagnosed disability who are seeking to apply for new accommodations or have questions related to existing approved accommodations by Benedictine University and would like to schedule a virtual appointment with an accommodations specialist should contact the ACE Center by emailing or call 630-829-6041. Additional resources regarding accommodations can be found on our website here.