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March 16, 2021   |  Campus Communication

Metro Infectious Disease Consultants (MIDC) Vaccination Clinic Information


Benedictine University has been provided with a unique opportunity to serve as a vaccine clinic site. Metro Infectious Disease Consultants approached Benedictine University COVID Recovery Team with the opportunity to serve as a physical site and collaborator on offering COVID-19 vaccine clinics to the community on campus. These vaccine clinics will provide the university with the opportunity to serve our community and the broader community in providing this valuable resource as we respond to the pandemic. In line with our Benedictine Hallmarks, we will have the opportunity to be better stewards of our colleagues and our student body, as well as our community members.

About MIDC: 

Based on the philosophy that strategic growth and market neutrality would optimize patient care and physician lifestyle, Metro Infectious Disease Consultants has grown to be the largest infectious disease group in the country. At the present time, MIDC is composed of over 100 ID physicians working in multiple states. Outpatient antibiotic therapy is available at each of the offices and a Hospital Avoidance Program has been implemented. Besides geographic diversity, Metro Infectious Disease Consultants strives to provide infectious disease services to the full spectrum of healthcare venues including long term acute care hospitals and long term care facilities.


Goodwin Hall Lobby 

After consulting with officials from Metro Infectious Disease Consultants on different locations on our campus, MIDC and the University agreed the Goodwin Lobby allowed for the campus community and those coming to the MIDC Clinic to remain safe and separated as they work to provide vaccination within our community. 


MIDC’s Vaccination Clinic will be operating on campus on Monday, Wednesday, and Friday beginning at 9:00 A.M. each day for the remainder of the semester. 

Who is being Vaccinated:

MIDC Vaccination Clinic is following the CDC, State and local guidelines in relation to COVID vaccination. MIDC has committed to providing vaccinations to the Benedictine Community and extended family members in accordance with these guidelines. MIDC will also be providing vaccinations for their patients and the local community in accordance with CDC, State and local guidelines. 

How do I get Vaccinated:

Metro Infectious Disease will begin vaccinating those in the Benedictine community, who fall in Phase 1a and 1b, following the guidelines set forth by the CDC, State of Illinois, and the DuPage County Health Department. Individuals in the phases outlined above could begin to see communication related to appointments as soon as March 16, 2021. Benedictine University faculty and staff please complete the vaccination (survey) form.

The information obtained will remain Confidential and used by the COVID Recovery team in order to facilitate appointments with Metro Infectious Disease Consultants. Please note this information is needed in order for individuals to secure a vaccination appointment with MIDC. 

How do I Volunteer:

Currently the University is looking for volunteers to assist with the following: 

  • Welcome and Greet
  • Confirmation of Registration
  • Completion of Forms
  • Cleaning of tables & Chairs 

As part of the clinic any individual wishing to volunteer would receive a COVID vaccination prior to assisting the University or MIDC. If you wish to volunteer please contact Marco Masini (630) 829 – 6006 or

Who do I contact if I have questions about the MIDC Clinic: 

Infectious Diseases Clinical Specialists at Metro Infectious Disease Consultants

Who do I contact if I have general questions: 

Please direct any general questions to your Direct Supervisor or send us an email at

What should I do if a local community member approaches me looking for the clinic:

First, be sure you are wearing your mask and keeping within the recommended social distancing guidelines by the CDC. Next, inform them that the Metro Infectious Disease Consultants COVID Vaccination Clinic is located in Goodwin Hall with parking available in the Parking Garage.

What should I do if I receive a phone call from a local community member seeking information about the vaccination clinic: 

Please direct anyone from the local community looking for information related to the Vaccination Clinic to email with name, date of birth, email, and address.


The COVID Recovery Team