Shenyang University Technology Commencement


Shenyang University Technology Commencement Speech

 MBA 0909

Mingxu Jiang

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 Mr. President, Mr. Chairman, my dear friends and classmates, ladies and gentlemen,

Thank you for letting me share this moment with all of you.  During our two-year study, my dear classmates and I have studied together, laughed together, and supported each other.  We have become a big family. I’ve also made  steps  in self-improvement, and have become more of myself with this enriched experience.

Please let me share three stories with you.  My classmates and I are not from the same  city.  Some of us live far away from Shenyang.  Peter had to take a seven hour train ride to get here during weekends, and another seven hours back home, getting home at midnight. Though this was a hard condition, he never missed a single class, even volunteering to do extra research for class or his team - and he never slept in class. His attitude really inspired me, and I am so proud of him! From his story, I have the courage to challenge all of my challenges.

The second story happened in our marketing class. To be honest, I can hardly remember  Professor Edward’s lectures, but there is one thing that I will never forget.  In the first class, Professor Edward drew two red dots on the board.  One stands for yourself, and the other stands for the goal you want to reach.  Around the two dots,  he drew many black dots which meant difficulties, challenges, problems, etc. you would meet during the process.  Then, he drew a straight line to connect the two red dots and explained that the only thing you need to think  about, are  the dots on the line.   The other dots come out to confuse you.  You could think back from your goal to now and you will have a clear picture of your plan. People will tell you that you cannot do this, or you cannot do that, because you will have this problem and that problem, but just figure that if the dots are on the line,  that is all right. If they are not on the line, ignore them. You will then find that your goal is not that hard to reach.  Professor Edward’s pattern really helps me a lot.

In the next story, I will tell you that before I joined the MBA program, I had made a big decision for myself.  Even now, I do not know if it is a right or wrong decision, but when I made it, I felt lost. I did not know what to do. I had no plans for  my career, and you can say that I forgot or lost my dream. I made plans for two years and tried to do things -  a lot of different things in different fields. But I realized  that I did not like doing those things at all.

So I sat down and  asked  myself, “What do I really want?”  After serious thinking, I told myself that I wanted to be myself.  I do not want to be ordinary. I want to stay in different countries and places to feel the local cultures and different lives. I have many “crazy” ideas and I want to share my own world in a book like J.K. Rowling did with Harry Potter’s adventures.

So now, I do know what I really want,  and I’ve set my plan according to Professor Edward’s pattern. I am working on that right now. I have the confidence to stand here and say “I can do it!”

Today is our graduation ceremony – MBA 0909. Tomorrow each of us will be back to our own life – our own reality. The world has so many lessons to teach us.  Be yourself!  Follow your dreams and feelings. I believe that in the future, we will get what we really want!

Thank you,                         

Mingxu Jiang

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