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Faith and reason are compatible in the search for truth. This belief informs the Benedictine approach to the sciences. We help students develop a greater appreciation for this balance through programs that enable students to draw from different fields of knowledge, to ask questions, and to solve problems.

Welcome to the Benedictine University Department of Mathematics!

The department serves you, the student, several ways. We provide coursework to help you develop the mathematics skills which are of use in your chosen field of study as well as advanced topics in higher level mathematics. We also promote awareness of mathematics through speakers, bulletin boards, and departmental awards, and develop awareness of mathematics-related careers through networking with alumni. You may major or minor in mathematics, with secondary education certification available to majors.

Mathematics Objectives

General education courses in mathematics are designed to develop the quantitative skills you will need as an educated person and for use in other disciplines. The program for math majors is designed to: 1. develop your abilities in logical reasoning and qualitative problem solving, 2. teach you the basic techniques and models of the mathematical sciences, and 3. prepare you for graduate study in pure mathematics, applied mathematics, statistics, operations research, or computer science, as well as for careers as mathematical analysts, actuarial scientists, and as high school or college teachers.

Technology and Mathematics

At Benedictine University we employ a variety of technological tools to enhance the learning experience. In calculus courses, the software Maple is used to provide assistance in graphing and symbolic and numeric calculations. This allows us to work on more practical applications. Some of the other software packages currently used are: ODE Architect in Differential Equations, Geometer's Sketchpad in Modern Geometry and MATLAB in Biocalculus to name a few. Graphing calculator use is encouraged in all classes and required in most 100-level classes. In addition to the mathematics and technology, we emphasize writing in order to develop proficiency in clearly communicating mathematical concepts.


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