If it has to do with physical space, FM&P does it!

Facilities Management & Planning (FM&P) takes great pride in our responsibility to support the Benedictine University’s physical environment. FM&P consists of over 70 staff members who reflect a wide range of ages, nationalities, and expertise. We are engineers and landscapers, housekeepers and designers. We are locksmiths and administrators, plumbers and energy experts. From service staff to leadership, FM&P is the backbone of physical space at Benedictine University, working together to create a safe, clean, and sustainable environment for the BenU community. 

FM&P is composed of three primary departments: Facilities Management, Campus Planning and Construction, and Print and Mail Center.

Facilities Management and Planning designs, constructs and maintains all Benedictine University campuses, providing services that drive enrollment, enrich our student's experiences and support the University's mission of academic excellence.