AQIP Action Projects

AQIP Action Projects strengthen an institution's commitment to continuous improvement; educate and motivate faculty, staff, and administrators; and improve systems and processes that lead to success in achieving the goals of the institution. Each AQIP institution concentrates its energies on three or four Action Projects that will most significantly advance its goals. At least one of these projects must relate directly to AQIP Category 1: Helping Students Learn. All Action Projects are entered into the online Action Project Network (APN), which contains all current and completed Action Projects undertaken by AQIP institutions.

Each Action Project entails coordination and cooperation among the University Planning Council (UPC), which is charged with assisting the president in achieving the university's strategic goals, the Action Project Coordinator, who oversees the project and provides progress reports, various academic and operational units that play a role in completing the Action Project, and the Assistant Provost for Accreditation and Academic Assessment, who submits annual updates on Action Projects to the Higher Learning Commission (HLC) for review and feedback.