Early Warning Notice Instructions

Good Day:

If you have students who are not showing up to class, not participating, not turning in assignments, creating distractions, and/or failing your class, you are highly encouraged to send an Early Warning Notice (EWN). Early Warning Notices are a way to document that you notified a student of poor performance. Once you have submitted an EWN, the student, the student's advisor and Student Life, will get an e-mail notifying them with the comments you enter.

Please let me know if you have questions on the directions below or if you would like for me to go through one with you. It is never too early or too late to notify a student of poor performance. In fact, the earlier the better. You may also send multiple or follow up notices.


Early Warning Notice [EWN] Entry:

  1. Once you have logged into the MyBenU system (PeopleSoft), the homepage will appear. Click on the link called "BU Student Records." The BU Student Records page will open.

  2. On the BU Student Records page select the "EWN Info" link. The EWN Info page will open.

  3. On the EWN Info page, enter:

    • BENUV for the Academic Institution [if it did not default]

    • The appropriate Academic Career [UGDS for undergraduate]

    • The code of the appropriate term (Fall 2016 = 0719). If you do not know the term code, click on the magnifying glass. This will open the Look Up Term page, scroll down the page to find the term link and click on it. This will return you to the EWN Info page with the term populated.

  4. Click on the "Search" Button. All of the students that are in your classes in that term will appear at the bottom of the page below the "Search Results" header. NOTE: to reduce the number of students displayed, select the desired "subject area," "catalog nbr," and/or "class section" prior to clicking on the "Search" button.

  5. Click on the link for the appropriate student in the appropriate class. The EWN form page for the selected student in the selected class will open.

  6. Using the checkboxes and the free format "Comment" box as applicable, enter the information regarding the early warning you wish to communicate to the student. Then, click on the "Save" button.

  7. You will be prompted to "Send student notification email? Click "Yes."

  8. You will also be prompted to "Send advisor notification email?" Select "Yes."

  9. The completed EWN form page will reopen. If you wish to submit an EWN for another student, click on the "Return to Search" button. The EWN Info page will reopen.

Please feel free to reach out with questions.
Have a great fall semester
Thank you,

Karen L. Campana
Director of Advising
Benedictine University